Ghostwalk Map Gallery

The Ghostwalk campaign option has several locations for PCs to explore. Take a peek at some of the untagged maps that are included in the book! These maps are not the final versions, but you can certainly get a good idea of what you'll get in the book, and you can use these maps as fodder for other adventures.

We would like to give special thanks to Todd Gamble, the skilled cartographer who made the maps both useful and added to the overall ghostly tone of the book!

Click the links below to view the maps. Please note that the sizes are different than those in the final book, and that these maps are lacking place names, compass roses, keys, and so on. (Because of this, you may find them useful in other ways!)

Fortress of Trun
Theater of Bone
Deeran's House
Lair of the Eyeless Lady
The Isle of the Five
The Soulwaters
Morbid Maze
Manifest Undercity: Upper Level The Devil's Cellar
Undercity: Lower Level Kinship of Vermin Lair of the Crippled One

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