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The Fiends Are Puzzled

Are you? If not, you too can become puzzled (or at least work through some puzzles) by checking out the Fiend Folio online jigsaw puzzles. You can choose from three different puzzles to work on, and each puzzle allows you to choose a difficulty level. So, take a break from planning your next moves in your campaign and spend some time relaxi ng with some fiendishly fun puzzles.

After you have clicked on the puzzle link below, you have a choice of three different images. Just click on the green button under the one you want to work on. (The button should turn red.) You must also choose the difficulty of the puzzle by clicking on the Easy, Medium, or Hard buttons. Our thanks go to artists Puddnhead (klurichir), Mark Sasso (blood golem of Hextor, swordwraith, and kuldurath), and Scott M. Fischer (dark ones and shadar-kai), who provided the malevolent art for these wicked puzzles.

I want to be puzzled!

(Requires Macromedia Shockwave Player)

NOTE: The jigsaw puzzle Shockwave piece and puzzle slicing may take a long time the first time each is loaded.

If you liked this feature, don't miss our Starlight & Shadows online jigsaw puzzles.

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