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Code Monkey Publishing to Patch E-Tools

Code Monkey Publishing has agreed to provide a patch for Wizard's E-Tools. This patch for the E-Tools program, which will fix a lengthy list of bugs, will be completed and made available within 90 days to Wizards of the Coast. Code Monkey Publishing will also provide initial and continued support for E-Tools through their website, which will be the official E-Tools website henceforth. This means the patch will be available for download from the Code Monkey website, as well as providing forums for E-Tools discussion to the public. All questions, concerns and comments addressing E-Tools can be directed to these forums starting right away, by choosing the Zoo Graffiti link from the main page of Code Monkey's site.

Additionally, Code Monkey Publishing, which is collaborating with and guiding the free open-source project known as PCGen, has received permission to use Wizards of the Coast published materials for the creation of data sets, to be used in both PCGen and E-Tools. These will be made available on the Code Monkey Publishing website as they are completed.

W. Robert Reed III
Code Monkey Publishing Cofounder

Bryan McRoberts
Code Monkey Publishing Cofounder

Jason Buchanan
Code Monkey Publishing Cofounder

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