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Book of Vile Darkness Wallpapers

Remember the last time your computer crashed and you lost half your term paper? Or when it gave you the Blue Screen of Death just as you were about to gain a new level in EverQuest?

Let's face it: We've all had moments when we've thought our computers were evil. Next time it happens to you, dress up your devilish machine in one of these new desktop wallpaper patterns. Inspired by the fiendish illustrations of the Book of Vile Darkness, these three free patterns feature the art of Scott Fischer, Wayne Reynolds, and Tom Baxa.

Download them today! Available in PC and Mac versions.

Mephistopheles Pattern

Asmodeus Pattern

Devils Pattern

Windows Desktop Background Download Help

Each Downloadable Wallpaper file is a JPG image file and can be used as your desktop background in the Windows operating system. In order to be able to select the image as your desktop background you must save the (.jpg) file to your Windows directory on your main hard drive (ex: "c:\windows").

If you are prompted to either Open File With or Save To Disk, select Save To Disk and save the file to your C:\Windows directory. If your file opens up in a photo editing program, select FILE then SAVE and save it to your C:\Windows directory.

Once the file is in your Windows directory you can right click on your Windows Desktop to open the Display Properties box. Select the Background Tab from the top menu and then set your Wallpaper to the image you downloaded. If you saved the Image to a directory other than your C:\Windows directory then you can click Browse and navigate to where you saved the file.

If you have any more questions regarding this process, refer to your Windows Operating System Documentation.

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