Epic Level Handbook Screensaver

Celebrate the release of the oh-so-crunchy-and-good Epic Level Handbook by downloading our exclusive screensaver. It features gorgeous art from inside the very drool-worthy book, and it's FREE. It's hard to beat a deal like that!

So, do you think you're ready for this terrific tome of gaming goodness? If not, at least let your computer have a taste of it until you can power up your characters into the realm of epic fun. Perhaps its very presence on your monitor will spur your character onto greater glory so that when you finally see the book at your local gaming shop, bookstore, or your favorite online store, you just KNOW you're ready for it. After all, wouldn't you love to add a few epic level classes to your character? How about new, more powerful spells, feats, and magic items?

(Oh, and if you're a DM, you gotta get ready for this book. Just think of all the epic monsters and villains you can throw at those namby-pamby PCs -- oh, wait. The players will probably see this. You go ahead and plan your fun in secret! In the meantime, download the screensaver and remember: The release date is in mid-July.)

What are you waiting for? Waiting does not an epic level character or campaign make!

Download it now!

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