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Nicholas the Gift-Giver
Have a Merry D&D Holiday!
By Sean K Reynolds

"I want a brooch of shielding!"

"I want boots of striding and springing!"

What do your PCs want for the holidays? If your player characters have been extra good this year, treat them to a visit from Nicholas the Gift-Giver, better known as Santa Claus.

You may think you've got the skinny on Saint Nick, but how much do you really know about the jolly old elf? Case in point: He's not really an elf, despite what you read in seasonal poetry. And the reindeer aren't Tiny, either.

The only way to know all about the man reading your PCs' holiday wish lists is to check out these official D&D Santa Claus stats from designer Sean K Reynolds.

What's that on the roof? Make a Listen check....

Want more goodies? Check out our special holiday screensaver and desktop wallpaper!


Desktop Wallpaper

Santa (Design 1)

PC: (BMP Format)

MAC: (JPG Format)

Santa (Design 2)

PC: (BMP Format)

MAC: (JPG Format)

Santa (Design 3)

PC: (BMP Format)

MAC: (JPG Format)

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