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Philius Stirp at 10th Level

Philius Stirp at 10th Level

Philius Stirp: Male human Ftr10; Medium-sized humanoid; hp 55; Init +2; Spd 30; AC 17 (touch 12, flat-footed 13 [Dex +2, +2 breastplate]); Atk +12/+7 melee (1d10/x3, halberd); AL NG; SV Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +5 [Dex +2, Wis +2]; Str 12, Dex 14, Con 11, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 16.

Skills and Feats: Cleave, Dodge, Expertise, Great Cleave, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Mounted Combat, Power Attack, Sunder, Weapon Focus (halberd), Whirlwind Attack.

Possessions: Halberd, +2 breastplate, ring of mind shielding,ring of the ram, potion of cure serious wounds, signal whistle, 500 gp.

Notes: At level 10, Philius finally owns gear on par with other characters of his level. He received the ring of mind shielding from Lady Exeter to help protect him from the political machinations of her enemies. The ring of the ram was given to him by his followers, who confiscated it from a brutish thug who tried to be a thief. Philius keeps his signal whistle always close at hand, mostly out of habit but also to remind him of his early years.

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