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Rask Urgek
By Jesse Decker

Raised on the Savage Frontier, Rask Urgek has led many lives. A brutal mercenary in his youth, Rask eventually settled in Waterdeep and found a home among the rogues of the Dock Ward and the caverns of Skullport. Adventure led him to Grandfather Tree, and there he stayed, joining the Tree Ghost tribe of the Uthgardt barbarians.

The Savage Frontier

The Savage Frontier is a rough place to grow up. Rask Urgek, child of a relatively rare half-orc/half-orc pairing, knew little in the way of a permanent home throughout his formative years. Both of his parents worked as caravan guards along the roads of the north, making the perilous journey across the Anauroch along the Black Road. Big and strong from a young age, Rask occasionally joined his parents on guard missions from his early teens.

Most winters found the family sheltering among the Uthgardt barbarians. Although Beorunna's Well and Griffon's Nest both hosted the family at different times, neither were ever really home. Rask did, however, adopt many ways of the Uthgardt tribesfolk early in life. Competent at their jobs and lucky on the road, Rask's parents eventually followed the caravan routes to Waterdeep, where they finally established a permanent home. But before he arrived in Waterdeep, the biggest influences on his behavior were his friends and rivals among the Uthgardt barbarians.

Rask Urgek, Bbn 1 CR1

The City of Splendors

Intrigued by city life, Rask found the Dock Ward of Waterdeep more exciting and dangerous than anything he had encountered so far. Local ruffians proved eager to add the young half-orc's muscle to their petty crime rings, and Rask quickly fell on the wrong side of the law. Leaving his parents to their continuing caravan work in the Southern Ward, Rask became a full-time participant in the dangerous nightlife of the Dock Ward.

Rask's wild strength did not go unnoticed; soon he joined a small group of thugs employed to make dangerous runs to Skullport with messages and important objects for the Xanathar's Guild, the exiled thieves' guild of Waterdeep. Although he honed his skills for several years on the docks and in the caverns below the city, Rask never discovered that his true employer was the thieves' guild. He simply saw a succession of fences, smugglers, and shady bureaucrats offering him work. Throughout his time in and under the City of Splendors, the one thing Rask lacked was a plan. Even surrounded by fast-talking rogues, Rask never hit on a scheme to make or take a fortune.

After four years of life in the Dock Ward, Rask found himself in a hurry to leave the city. The ever-bustling Dock Ward creates enemies more often than friends, and one of Rask's employers laid the blame for a particularly foolish series of cons on the half-orc. Although confidence work was well outside of Rask's capabilities, he still had to flee, so he signed up with a small mercenary company headed out of the city. The company, Kurgar's Irregulars, participated in a short, bloody campaign against a group of marauding giants in the Larch Hills. The company did not survive the campaign intact, but Rask learned much about military discipline and tactics, coming to rely on his wits in combat as much as he did on his earlier, wilder fighting style.

Rask Urgek, Bbn1, Rog3, Ftr2: CR 6

The Grandfather Tree

When Kurgar's Irregulars broke apart fighting a group of hill giants, Rask struck out on his own. For the first time in his life, he found himself without a ready employer. Leaving the city of Waterdeep and its intrigues behind for good, Rask headed north, stopping in Griffon's Nest before heading on to Beorunna's Well. In Beorunna's Well, he met members of the Tree Ghost tribe, another Uthgardt tribe. The tribe's self-proclaimed defense of the Grandfather Tree appealed to Rask. After spending a year in Beorunna's Well, Rask traveled to the lands of the Tree Ghost and eventually became part of the tribe.

Rask Urgek, Bbn5, Rog 3, Ftr4 CR 12

About the Author

Jesse Decker has been fudging ability scores since 1981 when, at the tender age of eight, he began playing D&D with a few friends. Their equipment: the rulebook from the first "red" version of the basic set and a book full of foes to conquer called Deities & Demigods. Thus was a power gamer made.

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