NPC Closeup
Shanlena, Gnome Loremaster
by Skip Williams

"Yes, yes, I seem to remember reading about that somewhere. Let's have a look, shall we?"

Shanlena serves as sage, archivist, and sometime bodyguard at a temple, monastery, or other sizable religious institution. She also could serve as an elder in a gnome community or gnomish enclave in a human city.

Shanlena has an impish face with very large green eyes and long, carrot-red hair. She's tall for a gnome (3' 5" ) and, at 40 pounds, skinny as a starving cat. She is 78 years old and a little stooped at the shoulders from decades spent hunched over books.

The loremaster takes far more interest in reading and studying than in her appearance. She wears a loose-fitting jacket over a ratty tunic and hose, with a short cloak draped over her shoulders. Rows of pockets both inside and outside her jacket bulge with odds and ends: spell components, candle stubs, quills, small books, notes, and assorted bric-a-brac. She spends most of her time poring over books, seeking out new lore.

Although something of a hermit, Shanlena occasionally breaks her routine to run a magical or alchemical experiment, or to venture forth from her study to seek out some new wonder she has read about. She gladly welcomes visitors, especially if they have some odd trinket to show her. Player characters seeking to learn something about an unusual magic item they've found would do well to consult Shanlena. She delights in odd magical objects and once given something to analyze she'll work on it with bulldog tenacity until it gives up its secrets. She generally charges the going rate for casting spells such as identify, analyze dweomer, or legend lore, but she might offer a considerable discount for a chance to study a really rare item.

Shanlena usually starts each day by casting her extended unseen servant spell (which she uses to fetch books and perform other miscellaneous tasks as she studies). Sometimes, she gets bored sitting by herself, so she livens up her day by using arcane eye or clairvoyance/clairaudience (or both) to find out what's going on around her. She does so often enough to have an extensive knowledge of local gossip and current events.Before she retires at night, she leaves a Mordenkainen's faithful hound to keep watch in her study.

In a fight, Shanlena casts haste on herself, then expeditious retreat. Thereafter she casts some sort of defensive spell each round, typically starting with Bigby's interposing hand to keep foes at a distance. As for attack spells, she usually starts with Evard's black tentacles.

Shanlena, female gnome Div7/Lor6: CR 13; Small humanoid (3'5" tall); HD 7d4+14 (Div) plus 6d4+12 (Lor); hp 60; Init +1; Spd 20 ft.; AC 20 (touch 14, flat-footed 19); Atk +6/+1 melee (1d6-1/crit 20/' 2, club), +7 ranged (1d8/crit 19-20/' 2, light crossbow); SA gnome spells; SQ +2 racial bonus on saving throws against illusions, low-light vision, +1 racial bonus to attack rolls against kobolds and goblinoids (goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears), +2 racial bonus on Listen checks, +4 dodge bonus against giants, +2 racial bonus on Alchemy checks, Instant Mastery (Hide), Secret of Inner Strength (+1 Will saves), Applicable Knowledge (Mobility), Lore, Greater Lore. 1 extra Divination spell per spell level, no Necromancy spells, owl familiar; AL CG; SV Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +14; Str 8, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 18 (20), Wis 13, Cha 10.

Skills and Feats: Alchemy (+15), Appraise (+17), Concentration (+13), Decipher Script (+17), Heal (+9), Innuendo (+5), Knowledge (Arcana) (+16), Knowledge (Religion) (+18), Scry (+15), Spellcraft (+15), Use Magic Device (+12); Brew Potion, Craft Wand, Dodge, Extend Spell, Heighten Spell, Mobility, Scribe Scroll, Skill Focus (Knowledge, Religion).

Possessions: +2 amulet of natural armor, +4 bracers of armor, +2 ring of protection, +2 headband of intellect, +2 cloak of resistance.

Gnome Spells: 0 -- dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation.

Wizard Spells Prepared: (5/7/6/6/6/5/4/3; base DC = 15+ spell level): 0 -- light, detect magic (3), read magic; 1st -- color spray, comprehend languages, erase, expeditious retreat, hypnotism (2), shield; 2nd -- alter self, blindness/deafness, detect thoughts (2), unseen servant (extended), see invisibility; 3rd -- blink, clairaudience/clairvoyance, dispel magic, haste, stinking cloud, tongues; 4th -- arcane eye, confusion, detect scrying, dimension door, Evard's black tentacles, Otiluke's resilient sphere; 5th -- Bigby's interposing hand, contact other plane, dominate person, mind fog, Mordenkainen's faithful hound; 6th -- analyze dweomer, globe of invulnerability, greater dispelling, true seeing; 7th -- greater scrying, prismatic spray, spell turning.

Spellbook: 0 -- dancing lights, daze, detect magic, detect poison, flare, ghost sound, light, mage hand, mending, open/close, prestidigitation, ray of frost, read magic, resistance; 1st -- alarm, charm person, color spray, comprehend languages, enlarge, erase, expeditious retreat, feather fall, hypnotism, identify, jump, mage armor, magic missile, magic weapon, message, protection from evil, shield, silent image, sleep, summon monster I, tenser's floating disk, true strike, unseen servant, ventriloquism; 2nd -- alter self, arcane lock, arcane mark, blindness/deafness, blur, continual flame, darkness, daylight, detect thoughts, glitterdust, hypnotic pattern, invisibility, knock, levitate, locate object, magic mouth, minor image, mirror image, resist elements, rope trick, see invisibility, summon monster II, summon swarm, Tasha's hideous laughter; 3rd -- blink, clairaudience/clairvoyance, dispel magic, displacement, explosive runes, haste, hold person, illusory script, major image, protection from elements, secret page, sepia snake sigil, shrink item, stinking cloud, suggestion, summon monster III, tongues; 4th -- arcane eye, confusion, detect scrying, dimension door, Evard's black tentacles, ice storm, lesser geas, minor creation, minor globe of invulnerability, Otiluke's resilient sphere, phantasmal killer, polymorph self, remove curse, scrying, summon monster IV; 5th -- Bigby's interposing hand, contact other plane, dominate person, false vision, mind fog, mirage arcana, Mordenkainen's faithful hound, permanency, persistent image, prying eyes, sending, telekinesis, teleport; 6th -- analyze dweomer, geas/quest, globe of invulnerability, greater dispelling, legend lore, project image, repulsion, stone to flesh, true seeing, veil; 7th -- greater scrying, prismatic spray, spell turning, vision.

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