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Q: Dear Sage,
Does the scorn earth class feature of the elocator prestige class (Expanded Psionics Handbook 142) allow her to avoid taking damage from a fall?

A: Actually, the character wouldn’t fall at all.

An elocator is effectively in a constant state of levitation (as the psionic levitate power). An elocator could walk out over an open pit without falling (though her speed would be reduced to 10 feet per round). Even a trap door opening beneath her feet wouldn’t drop her -- she’d just hang in space, levitating as if she’d intentionally stepped out over the pit.

The class feature suggests strongly that its effect is created voluntarily: “she can float a foot above the ground” (EPH 143, italics added). Thus, if for some reason she didn’t have this effect active, she’d be as vulnerable to falling as anyone else. As a supernatural ability, it requires a standard action to activate scorn earth, so she probably wouldn’t have time to save herself from a (short) fall.

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