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Q: Dear Sage
Can a character use a psi-like ability to qualify for a prestige class that requires: a) the ability to manifest a particular psionic power, b) the ability to manifest psionic powers of a particular level, or c) a manifester level?
--Joey J.J.J.S.

A: A) Yes, B) no, and C) yes.

Expanded Psionics Handbook doesn’t clearly describe how psi-like abilities interact with game prerequisites. However, the discussion of spell-like abilities on page 72 of Complete Arcane provides a useful precedent:

“[S]pell-like abilities that generate the relevant effect meet the requirements for specific spell knowledge.”

Thus, a psi-like ability allows you to qualify for a prestige class that requires the ability to manifest that power.

“[R]equirements for feats and prestige classes based on specific levels of spells cast… cannot be met by spell-like abilities.”

Simply having the ability to manifest a 5th-level psi-like power doesn’t meet the requirement of being able to manifest 5th-level psionic powers.

“For feats or prestige classes requiring a minimum caster level, creatures that use spell-like abilities… instead of spells use…their fixed caster level… to determine qualification.”

A psionic mind flayer has a manifester level of 9th, so it would meet any prerequisite that required manifester level 9th.

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