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Q: Dear Guest Sage,
How many spells does the Factotum (Dungeonscape p14) get per day? The table seems to just list the maximum spell level he can prepare/cast but not the number of spells that can be prepared or cast per day.

The wording of text for arcane dilettante seems to imply that the factotum can prepare and cast each spell chosen no more than once per day but that he gets to use the spell as a spell-like ability if he chooses to use 1 inspiration point. Is this correct?

A: The factotum gains 1 spell per day at 2nd level, 2 at 4th, and so on. The number of spells is hidden under the Special header of table 1-1, page 15 of Dungeonscape. The arcane dilettante ability is listed again each time the factotum gains another spell.

To use a spell, you must spend 1 inspiration point. Once you use a spell in this manner, you cannot use it again for the day. A factotum always uses his spells granted by arcane dilettante as spell-like abilities.

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Guest Sage this week: Mike Mearls, lead developer of Dungeonscape, Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords, and Player’s Handbook II.

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