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Q: I've got to know where you found the name of the hill giant chief's wife and her bear. Because I sat here combing over my copy of G1 -- then I went through all the G modules, the D modules, and even the Q module, in search of the wife's name. I can't find it anywhere! Is it from a later version of the module?

A: As part of the D&D Cartoon trivia contest, this was our first question asked on 12/11 and answered on 12/25. True, in the original version of the module, the chief's wife and her pet cave bear are not named. Sneaky fiends that we are, we went to the later compilation of the adventure series GDQ 1-7: Queen of the Spiders, which named the wife as Solka, and her bear as Snookums. One player (Warren) did also mention that in the book of the same name by Ru Emerson, she’s called Yk'nea.

As part of the official answer, we mentioned the Kool-Aid pitcher hidden in the giants' kitchen. Another player (Lars) also pointed out more easter egg: the name of the hill giant chief himself, Nosnra, spelled backwards resembles Arneson. Coincidence? Probably not. For a D&D Game Day podcast starring Dave Arneson -- as well as R&D's Bruce Cordell -- head over to, and scroll down to episode 15.

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