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Q: On 12/11, we announced our D&D Cartoon DVD Giveaway. Each day, we asked a new trivia questions for folks to answer and be entered in a chance to win a copy of the DVD. We asked the first question in four parts, involving the 1st edition Against the Giants adventures (inspired by the fact that Mike Mearls is currently hosting a lunchtime campaign using these modules here at Wizards of the Coast). As the campaign has just entered the steading of the hill giant chief, 12/11’s question concerns the chief:

  1. What is the name of the hill giant chief?
  2. What is the name of his wife?
  3. What is the name of her pet cave bear?
  4. A war hammer hidden in the steading has a magic mouth spell placed on it; what does the magic mouth say?


  1. Nosnra
  2. Solka
  3. Snookums (located in room 7: Chamber of the Chief’s Wife); a second bear, located in room 11: Great Hall, was named Throat-ripper, but its ownership was not directly attributed to any of the giants.
  4. “Here’s a kiss for you, runt!” (A strange detail for a weapon, but no more so than the giant slaying sword hidden in the Main Guest Chamber. Why would a cloud giant guest be carrying this around? Perhaps he didn’t trust his hosts and wanted the extra protection; in any case, it’s a welcome boon to any PC coming across it.)

During the course of the giveaway, ran its “easter egg” week, and we felt it only fitting to mention one from Against the Giants. Take a look at the illustration of the hill giant kitchen:

Now take a closer look at the shelves in back. What do we have there, but a giant-sized kool-aid pitcher!

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