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Q: Dear Sage,
Is the force attack produced by the Invisible Needle reserve feat (Complete Mage) actually invisible? If so, does that mean the target is flat-footed and the attack gains a +2 bonus on the attack roll? Nothing in the feat's description indicates this, but the name of the feat suggests it.

A: The feat description is unclear as to the precise visual effect accompanying its primary benefit, so on that topic you’re free to decide either way as you see fit. Regardless of your decision on the visual effect, however, the force attack doesn’t gain any benefits of invisibility (unless the attacker himself is invisible, of course).

The visibility or invisibility of a magical effect doesn’t have any bearing on whether the defender is flat-footed. A visible attacker who casts a spell without a visible effect doesn’t render his target flat-footed.

Note: for a discussion of the visual effects of spells, you might consult the Design & Development article: Proud Nails Feedback.

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