Ask Wizards11/17/2006


Q: What is Sage Advice Online?

A: Essentially, Sage Advice Online is the latest component of Ask Wizards, specifically dealing with rules-based questions. To quote the November Letter to the Players:

"And finally, a quick word about one of the more recent, and now most trafficked features of the website: Ask Wizards. Initially, we wanted to steer any and all rules questions toward Customer Service, and use Ask Wizards to cover more esoteric questions. However, a quick look into the Ask Wizards inbox reveals 5000+ questions, the vast majority of which are in fact rules related. As such, we’ll be revamping this section of the website in the very near future. Most days of the week, this section will become Sage Advice Online, with Andy Collins (author of Dragon Magazine’s analog Sage Advice column) fielding your more pressing rules queries. Odd days (mainly weekends), will see Ask Wizards fill this slot, fielding the broader philosophical and trivia-minded questions about the game. We hope this better meets your expectations for this website."

So please continue to submit your questions to Ask Wizards. We'll sort those meant for Sage Advice Online, and those for Ask Wizards. The bottom line: we love your questions, so please keep 'em coming!

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