Ask Wizards09/13/2006


Q: Can a barbarian use maneuvers (from Tome of Battle) while raging? What about Diamond Mind maneuvers that require a Concentration check to use? What about to recover maneuvers in the middle of combat?

A: According to the text under the Concentration heading on page 39 of Tome of Battle, the text states “unlike with spells or psionic powers, you need not concentrate to initiate a maneuver or stance.” Because initiating a maneuver does not require concentration, you would be able to perform most maneuvers while in a barbarian’s Rage, or in any other condition which mimics the restrictions or raging. While raging, a character would not be able to use any Diamond Mind maneuver that requires a concentration check. Using a special action to recover an expended maneuver would fall into the category of “any abilities that require patience or concentration,” so a character would not be able to recover maneuvers in this way while raging.

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