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A character in the Realms is more than just a class and race. Where you came from often determines a lot about your personality, your outlook, and what sort of abilities you have. In game terms, your region encourages you to take a class relevant to that region's culture, allows you to learn special feats appropriate to your region, and get some extra equipment based on the way the people in that region live. Here's an example of just one of over 50 different regions a character might come from:


Small farming communities in the shadow of the great elven forest of Cormanthor; threatened by the deviltry of the Zhentarim, population pressure from Sembia, and raiding from the surface drow who have recently invaded Cormanthor.

Encouraged Classes:

  • bard
  • cleric (Chauntea, Lathander, Oghma, Silvanus, Mielikki, Tempus, Torm, Tyr),
  • fighter
  • paladin
  • ranger

Regional Feats:

  • Company of Adventurers
  • Forester
  • Luck of Heroes
  • Militia
  • Strong Soul


  • masterwork weapon
  • or masterwork studded leather armor and two potions (cure light wounds and spider climb),
  • or potion of endurance, or potion of cure moderate wounds

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