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Q: Since the warlock's powers are innate, does he still have to train every level to gain his invocations (like a wizard learning new spells) or does he just get them automatically when he gains a level?
Q: A warlock using fell flight gains a fly speed equal to his land speed. If an effect later increases (or decreases) the warlock’s land speed, does his fly speed change as well?
Q: Does a warlock lose one of his highest level invocations while suffering the effects of a negative level?
Q: Are all of a warlock's invocations "self only," or can a warlock use his beneficial invocations on allies?
Q: A warlock’s invocations include “relatively simple” somatic components. Can you use them while grappling? What about while your hands are full or bound?
--Jeff and DonAnswer
Q: Does the eldritch blast of a warlock give off a flash of light or other noticeable visual effect?
Q: A warlock's eldritch blast is treated like a spell in all regards, and is also a ray. Thus, could a warlock use the Split Ray metamagic feat to hit two opponents instead of one?
Q: Does eldritch blast damage count as “weapon damage” for the purpose of inspire courage and other effects that add to weapon damage rolls?
Q: Can a warlock use his eldritch blast in conjunction with Shot on the Run? What about hideous blow and Spring Attack?
Q: Can a warlock use Rapid Shot to fire two eldritch blasts simultaneously?
Q: Can a martial adept (Tome of Battle) initiate a maneuver or change a stance while grappling? While pinned?
Q: Can you use White Raven Tactics (Tome of Battle p94) on yourself to gain another turn right after your current initiative score?
Q: Does the Wall of Blades maneuver (Tome of Battle p70) work against touch attacks? What about touch attacks from spells?
Q: Does the Jump check and subsequent jump made as part of the Sudden Leap boost count against the initiator's movement as described in the Jump skill?
Q: If I use Mighty Throw (Tome of Battle p73) or another maneuver that allows me to trip a foe, does the Improved Trip feat grant me an extra attack against that opponent?
Q: Since a vorpal weapons needs a successful confirmation roll to confirm a critical before its attack lops off someone’s head, can the fortification armor ability stop a vorpal weapon from taking a head?
Q: Many strikes and maneuvers in Tome of Battle grant a benefit with a successful attack. If a creature’s DR completely negates the damage from the attack, does the benefit still accrue?
Q: When a multiclassed martial adept learns a new maneuver in place of one already known, can he choose to “lose” a maneuver from one class and “gain” a maneuver from another class?
Q: Can a monk use the Snap Kick feat (Tome of Battle p32) as part of a flurry of blows?
Q: If a character uses the Adaptive Style feat after he has expended some of his readied maneuvers, does he choose new readied maneuvers equal to the maximum number he can ready... (More)
Q: Can a warblade’s weapon aptitude class feature (Tome of Battle p22) be applied to… (More)
--Bradley and RollinAnswer
Q: If a crusader of a good-aligned deity were to "fall" and become a blackguard, would he gain blackguard powers in a manner analogous to a fallen paladin who becomes a blackguard?
Q: What kind of action is required for the xeph’s burst racial ability? Is it the same as the burst psionic power (a swift action)? And does it provoke attacks of opportunity?
Q: What effect does a negative level have on a psionic character?
Q: Can a creature augment its psi-like abilities?
Q: When attempting to regain your psionic focus, does the check automatically fail if you take damage? Can you make the check “defensively” to avoid opportunity attacks?
Q: What classes contribute toward a psicrystal’s abilities? What about monsters with psi-like abilities—do their racial HD count too?
Q: Since a vorpal weapons needs a successful confirmation roll to confirm a critical before its attack lops off someone’s head, can the fortification armor ability stop a vorpal weapon from taking a head?
Q: Are thinking undead such as vampires and liches immune to mind-affecting spells? If so, what is it about becoming undead that changes the way the mind reacts to spells like charm monster?
Q: What is the hierarchy of metals that a rust monster prefers to eat? In what order will a rust monster eat the following metals: silver, gold, copper, iron, platinum, adamantine, mithril?
Q: When a character contracts the curse of lycanthropy from another lycanthrope, do they inherit the same animal form of their attacker?
Q: Can a warforged be afflicted by lycanthropy? Warforged are immune to disease but it never specifies in the Monster Manual that lycanthropy is a disease.
Q: My dwarf character fell into a pit of alchemist fire. Although he survived, the fire burned his beard away. Does dwarf facial hair re-grow at the same rate at human facial hair?
Q: What would happen to a warforged who is subject to a stone to flesh spell?
Q: I was wondering if a subject of a successful flesh to stone spell (or other petrifying abilities) would then be affected by soften earth and stone?
Q: Can the magic jar spell be used to possess a soulless clone?
Q: If a PC wants to use multiple doses of an ingested poison, do their effects stack? Are multiple saves needed, or does this just increase the save DC or damage dealt?
Q: Can an artificer craft psionic items?
Q: Can psicrowns or dorjes be recharged?
Q: What’s the difference between a magic item and a psionic item?
--Clay and MichaelAnswer
Q: Can the timeless body power be dispelled?
Q: Does the damp power psionic power trump an effect that empowers or maximizes a spell or power?
Q: Does the sweeping strike class feature of the war mind prestige class apply to martial maneuvers from Tome of Battle? What if the maneuver already allows multiple attacks?
Q: When a war mind uses his sweeping strike class feature, does he roll separately for each of the two creatures attacked, or does the same roll apply to each?
Q: What kind of action is required for the assume equipment class feature of the psion uncarnate prestige class?
Q: Does the scorn earth class feature of the elocator prestige class allow her to avoid taking damage from a fall?
Q: Can a character use a psi-like ability to qualify for a prestige class that requires the ability to manifest a particular psionic power... (More)
--Joey J.J.J.S.Answer
Q: The list of lurk augments includes “Reach Attack,” but no definition of that augment exists. What does it do?
Q: Does the additional sneak attack option available from the 1st-level lurk augment class feature only apply if you already have the sneak attack class feature?
Q: Does the bonus damage from the soulknife’s psychic strike class feature bypass damage reduction?
Q: What if the soulknife also has the Mind Cleave feat and drops a foe with one of the bladewind attacks? Wouldn’t he get to apply the psychic strike damage again?
Q: When a soulknife uses the bladewind class feature, how many targets does his psychic strike bonus damage apply to?
Q: Can you use the Psionic Weapon feat with a thrown melee weapon? What about a soulknife that throws his mind blade?
Q: If a character uses the Linked Power feat to manifest powers from two different classes, which manifester level should he use to determine the maximum number of power points he can spend?
Q: Can I use the Expanded Knowledge feat to select a power from another class’s list if it’s also on my class’s list at a different level?
Q: When you create an astral construct using an Ectopic Form feat, does this replace the normal menu choices allowed when creating an astral construct?
Q: Are psionic feats available to creatures with a power point reserve who can’t manifest psionic powers (such as an élan fighter)?
Q: Can a spellthief (Complete Adventurer) steal and cast divine spells? If the spell requires a divine focus, does he need to use the same holy symbol as the original caster?
--Rafael and NateAnswer
Q: Does the ability to spontaneously cast domain spells granted by the Domain Spontaneity feat (Complete Divine) fulfill the spell requirement of the reserve feats from Complete Mage?
Q: If a prestige class doesn't specify whether an increase in spellcasting applies to an arcane or divine spellcasting class, is the player free to choose?
Q: The archivist's prayerbook ability states, "An archivist can also add spells found on scrolls containing divine spells to his prayerbook". Does this include domain spells found on scrolls?
Q: If a specialist wizard gains levels in a different spellcasting class, does her choice of forbidden spells affect her spell choice for the new class?
Q: On what kinds of successful grapple checks do armor spikes deal damage?
Q: If a character wearing spiked armor is swallowed whole, does the monster take damage? Can I use the spiked armor to escape?
Q: If my shield and my shield spikes are made from different material, what material does it count for when making a shield bash attack?
Q: Can I add both armor spikes and armor razors (Underdark, p65) on the same suit of armor?
Q: Can a summoned creature (such as a shadow) create spawn? If so, what happens to the spawn when the summoned creature goes away?
Q: Does Augment Summoning (PHB, 89) apply to creatures I summon with a magic item, such as a wand?
Q: Does the Imbued Summoning feat (PH2, 42) affect only one summoned creature or all creatures summoned by the spell?
Q: What happens to a summoned monster’s equipment when it dies or the spell ends? What if it’s not carrying the equipment any more? What if it’s carrying something new?
Q: Does a summoned creature appear with the equipment listed for it in the Monster Manual?
Q: Do metamagic effects apply to creatures summoned by summoning spell?
Q: Can a summoned creature move beyond the range of the spell that summoned it?
Q: Can the caster command a summoned creature to make special attacks, such as bull rushing or grappling? What about commanding it to deal nonlethal damage?
Q: Does it take an action to give orders (or new orders) to summoned creatures?
Q: If a spellcaster dies after summoning a monster, does it continue to fight?
Q: If a martial maneuver states that it allows a save but doesn’t list the save DC, how do I calculate it?
Q: What exactly can or can’t iron heart surge remove?
Q: Does the use of the shield counter maneuver incur penalties for two-weapon fighting? If so, do these apply to the next round’s attacks as well?
--Alex BostonAnswer
Q: If a single opponent is affected by multiple iron guard glare stances, what happens?
Q: Can I use enter a stance or use a boost in the middle of taking another action? (More)
--Taylor & MikeAnswer
Q: Can my swordsage attack while using ring of fire maneuver? What if I have the dervish dance class feature?
Q: How often can a swordsage use his Sense Magic class feature on a particular weapon or armor?
Q: Can the swordsage apply the insightful strike benefit of his discipline focus class feature to the same discipline twice?
Q: Does the discipline focus class feature of the swordsage apply just to maneuvers gained from that class?
--Ann MarieAnswer
Q: As part of his discipline focus class feature, the swordsage gains the benefit of the Weapon Focus feat for a set of weapons. Does he also gain proficiency in the listed weapons?
Q: How many spells does the Factotum (Dungeonscape p14) get per day? (More)
Q: When playing a factotum, what happens to inspiration points unspent at the end of the encounter?
Q: Can a factotum use his "cunning insight" to boost his save outside of combat, for example against a poison trap?
Q: Does the factotum meet the requirements for activating spell trigger or spell completion items, such as wands and scrolls?
Q: When playing a factotum, what happens to inspiration points unspent at the end of the encounter?
Q: When a crusader's maneuver recovery mechanic activates, what happens to any maneuvers he still had ready and granted?
Q: Can a crusader delay learning a new stance to a later level? If not, how can he ever learn an 8th- or 9th-level stance, since his last stance is gained at only 14th level?
Q: Could a crusader choose to learn or ready fewer maneuvers than he or she would be entitled to?
--Joe & SamAnswer
Q: If my crusader receives more healing from an effect that he needs to return to maximum hit points, do I have to apply the remainder to my damage pool?
Q: If a crusader has damage reduction, does that apply before or after damage goes into my steely resolve damage pool?
Q: If my character casts a silent and stilled spell of any sort that affects the target’s behavior and the target makes the saving throw, would they know they were being cast upon and who cast the spell?
Q: How does the ignore arcane spell failure class feature of the spellsword prestige class interact with the armored mage class feature of the beguiler and other classes?...(More)
Q: At 20th level, the beguiler automatically overcomes the spell resistance of a foe denied its Dexterity bonus to AC. Does this allow him to overcome spell immunity as well?
Q: How obvious are the beguiler’s verbal and somatic spell components? Can he cast spells without looking or sounding suspicious?
Q: The beguiler (PHB II, 6) has 0-level spell slots but no 0-level spell list. How do they learn 0-level spells?
Q: Does the dragon shaman’s vigor draconic aura (PHB II, 13) affect warforged? Is the healing halved?
Q: Does the dragon shaman’s power draconic aura (PHB II, 13) affect non-weapon attacks? What about attacks that deal ability score damage?
Q: Does an attacker have to damage a dragon shaman (PHB II, 11) to be affected by the energy shield draconic aura, or just hit him?
Q: When a dragon shaman (PHB II, 11) gains the ability to project an additional draconic aura from another source, would the new aura use the same bonus as his existing auras? (More)
Q: If two dragon shamans (PHB II, 11) both project the same draconic aura, do the effects stack?
Q: If a knight makes a fighting challenge to a opponent, will that opponent get in harm's way to get to the knight?
Q: Does the knight’s shield ally class feature apply only to one attack or does it mean he takes damage from every attack on his ally? And what does “physical” attacks mean?
Q: What exactly does the knight’s bulwark of defense class feature do? Does an adjacent enemy have to make a Balance check to remain standing?
Q: If a knight gains the sneak attack class feature by multiclassing, is there any way he can use it without breaking the knight's code?
Q: The knight's code says that a knight cannot strike a flat-footed foe, but aren't all foes flat-footed in the first round of combat if their initiative is lower than yours?
Q: If I make a magic item as a warforged component (Eberron Campaign Setting, 268), can I choose for it not to take up the normal body slot by paying double the normal cost?
Q: Can a thought bottle (Complete Arcane, 150) be used to restore XP lost from casting a spell or creating a magic item?
Q: Can a magic staff hold only one spell?
Q: Can you use a metamagic feat when creating items?
Q: Can my wizard craft more than one item in a day if the total cost to create the items is no more than 1,000 gp?
Q: Can a player add a weapon property to a non-weapon wondrous item? For example, can I add the shock property to my quiver of Ehlonna to let it grant that benefit to all the arrows stored in it?
Q: Does the intelligent legacy ability grant the legacy item the lesser and greater powers and special purpose an intelligent weapon normally gains?
--Odd EinarAnswer
Q: Does a weapon property that adds to the price of the weapon, but which does not have an equivalent "plus" value, add to an intelligent weapon’s Ego score?
Q: The DMG says that the quiver of Ehlonna can produce whatever the possessor wishes. Does this mean that it can create whatever magic item I want?
Q: Do mind-affecting spells work against intelligent magic items?
Q: Can a character use Disable Device to sabotage non-mechanical items? For instance, could he rig armor so that straps break the next time the wearer is hit... (More)
Q: Is the alarm spell a trap, and if so can a rogue disable it?
Q: Can detect magic be used to identify magical traps? Would nondetection block this?
Q: Can a spellcaster counterspell a magical trap?
Q: If a trap needs an attack roll to hit, is the attack against your normal AC or flat-footed AC?
Q: Is it possible for two dragons of different colors to breed? If so, which parent does the hatchling take after?
Q: When you cast charm person, can the verbal component sound like regular conversation and the somatic component look like normal gestures, such as shaking hands?
Q: If two half-vampires (from Libris Mortis) mate, will the child be a half-vampire too?
Q: What exactly is the limit to what you can 'persuade' a charmed enemy to do with the charm person spell? How trusting of the caster is a charmed individual?
Q: If a half-elf mates with a human, what race would the child be? What about other half-humanoid races?
Q: If a character with bull’s strength takes 4 points of Strength damage from a poison, does the damage apply to his actual Strength or does it just negate the bonus?
Q: When a character takes Constitution damage (such as from a wyvern’s poison) and his Con modifier changes, what happens to his hit points?
Q: When do "add-on" effects such as poison occur? For example, if an assassin delivers a death attack with a weapon bearing wyvern poison... (More)
Q: When a character applying poison to a weapon exposes himself to the poison, does it waste the poison?
Q: How many darts, arrows, etc., does one dose of poison cover?
Q: Can a spellthief steal spells from a creature immune to sneak attacks?
Q: If a rogue has successfully hidden behind some bushes and fires an arrow at a target less than 30 feet away from her, does she deal sneak attack damage?
Q: Can a rogue deliver lethal damage in a sneak attack using an unarmed strike?
Q: Would a sneak attack work on a creature affected by the blink spell?
Q: When a rogue with the Telling Blow feat (PHB II, pg. 83) deals a critical hit against a flat-footed enemy, does she add her sneak attack damage twice?
Q: Can a warforged have its brain extracted by a mind flayer?
Q: Does a warforged barbarian become fatigued at the end of a rage?
Q: Can a warforged character use a graft, such as those in Magic of Eberron?
Q: Does a warforged with the Adamantine Body feat need to have Heavy Armor Proficiency in order to avoid suffering penalties for wearing heavy armor?
Q: What, if any, templates can a warforged have applied? Does it lose any of its racial traits when its template changes its type?
Q: Can a meldshaper bind a single soulmeld to more than one chakra at a time to gain multiple chakra bind benefits?
Q: Can the weapon created by the incarnate weapon soulmeld be enhanced like a normal weapon?
Q: When my incarnate activates the bloodwar gauntlets’ arms chakra bind power, the meld unshapes. When can I reshape the meld?
Q: Can a soulmeld or its chakra bind allow you to meet the prerequisites for a feat or the requirements for a prestige class?
Q: Does the soulmeld count as a magic weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction?
Q: Can a warforged become a dragonborn of Bahamut, and if so what are the racial traits it keeps from the warforged list?
Q: What would happen to a warforged who wanders into an antimagic field? Paralysis? Instant Death?
Q: Do brilliant energy weapons affect warforged?
Q: Is a warforged considered to be wearing gauntlets, and therefore always armed?
Q: Does a warforged benefit from the vigor spells in Spell Compendium?
Q: Does a monk/soulblade deal her unarmed strike damage with the mindblade, or do the damage values stack?
Q: When I use flurry of blows, how many attacks do I get?
Q: How would a monk's unarmed damage be modified by natural attacks, or vice versa?
Q: Does the monk's fast movement class feature apply to all forms of movement?
Q: Do wearing bracers of armor prevent a monk from using her AC bonus class feature?
Q: If a cleric commands a shadow, and that shadow then spawns other shadows, is the cleric also in control of the newly spawned shadows?
Q: Does an undead that takes class levels (i.e., a ghoul with fighter levels) use the class hit die for the class levels or a d12?
Q: Can a warforged be animated as or transformed into an undead?
Q: Can an undead creature enter a rage? If so what benefit (if any) does it gain from the Constitution bonus?
Q: Can an undead character gain levels as a druid? Would an undead druid become an ex-druid?
Q: Can a bard use oratory, that is speaking and storytelling for his bardic abilities?
Q: If my bard has the rage ability, can he use bardic music while raging?
Q: How many times can a bard use the suggestion ability against a creature he has fascinated?
Q: Do bards have the Armor Proficiency (Medium) feat? The class description and feat description don’t agree.
Q: What type of action does it take for a bard to keep singing or reciting poetry?
Q: If a druid takes the shapeshift alternative class feature in PHB II, does he get additional attacks as his BAB goes up?
Q: Does the duration of the druid’s wild shape class feature apply to each form separately, or to the entire ability as a whole?
Q: The errata for the druid’s wild shape class feature indicates that you don't get the new form’s special qualities... (More)
Q: Can a druid have more than one animal companion?
Q: Can a druid currently wild shaped as a wolf change directly into another animal form (such as a bear)?
Q: When a duskblade uses arcane channeling to deliver a touch spell with a somatic component, does he require one hand free?
Q: Can a duskblade channel divine spells with arcane channeling? What about arcane spells gained from other classes?
Q: If a duskblade scores a critical hit when channeling a spell through a melee attack, is the spell’s damage multiplied just like the weapon’s?
Q: The example duskblades have spells from the general wizard/sorcerer list that are not on the duskblade list. What gives?
Q: I am probably just thick-skulled, but does the duskblade only gain one new spell per level?
Q: If an ultimate magus with the ability to cast 9th-level spells as both a wizard and a sorcerer takes the Improved Spell Capacity feat... (More)
Q: The reserve feats allow you to use their ability as long as you have a spell of a particular type and minimum level prepared... (More)
Q: Is the force attack produced by the Invisible Needle reserve feat (Complete Mage) actually invisible?
Q: How does a reserve feat (Complete Mage) work with spontaneous casters... (More)
Q: How does the Practiced Spellcaster feat stack with the arcane spell power class feature of the ultimate magus prestige class?
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