Art Gallery 03/09/2007

Magic Item Compendium

Magic items have a visual component to enjoy as well as a statistic-oriented one that you can use in your game. Take a peek at a few of the magic items you'll find in Magic Item Compendium in our online art gallery.

Sincere thanks go to art director Stacy Longstreet, plus interior artists D. Allsop, Steven Belledin, Ed Cox, Carl Critchlow, Eric Deschamps, Steve Ellis, Wayne England, Matt Faulkner, Emily Fiegenschuh, Randy Gallegos, David Griffith, Brian Hagan, Ralph Horsley, Heather Hudson, Doug Kovacs, Chuck Lukacs, David Martin, Mark Poole, Steve Prescott, Wayne Reynolds, Ron Spencer, Anne Stokes, Arnie Swekel, Steven Tappin, Joel Thomas, Beth Trott, Francis Tsai, Franz Vohwinkel, Eva Widermann, and James Zhang.

Click the link below to view the illustrations.

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Goggles of the Ebon Hunter, Foefinding, Draconic Vision, Day, and Lifesight by Steve Ellis
Bone Ring, Ring of Adamantine Touch, Ring of Avoidance, Ring of Entropic Deflection, and Ring of Floating by Eva Widermann
Rings of Greater Counterspells, Mystic Lightning, Piercing Spells, Nine Lives, and Negative Protection by Eva Widermann
Rings of Water Breathing, Forcewall, Darkhidden, Thunderclaps, the Icy Soul, and Vanishing by Eva Widermann
Regdar Finds Boots of Stomping, Boots of the Battle Charger, Boots of Big Stepping, Sandals of Springing, Sandals of Sprinting, and Boots of Dragonstriding by Franz Vohwinkel
Tordek Finds Rock Boots, Boots of the Mountain King, Steadfast Boots, Boots of Tremorsense, and Boots of Landing by Franz Vohwinkel
Chronocharms of the Fateweaver, Celestial Wanderer, Uncaring Archmage, Laughing Rogue, Grand Master, and Horizon Walker by Beth Trott
Wyrmfang Amulet, Dragon's Eye Amulet, Dragon Mask, Dragon Spirit Amulet, and Necklace of Copper Dragon Scales by Wayne England
Gauntlets of Mindfire, the Blazing Arc, and Extended Range by David Martin
Belts of Battle, Growth, One Mighty Blow, Priestly Might, and Ultimate Athleticism by Carl Critchlow
Angelhelm, Bear Helm, Blindhelm, Fiendhelm, Helm of Gazes, Helm of Heroes, and Horned Helm by James Zhang
Soulstone, Essential Helm, and Soulsmite Gauntlets by Wayne England
Riding Boots and Everlasting Feedbag by Eva Widermann
Artificer's Monocle by Steve Ellis
Beholder Crown by Carl Critchlow
Amber Amulet of Vermin, Amulet of Retributive Healing, Amulet of Second Chances, Amulet of Emergency Healing, and Amulet of Wordtwisting by Eva Widermann
Cloaks of Quills, Predatory Vigor, and Stone by Wayne England
Vestments of Ebonsilk by Wayne England
Vests of Defense, Resistance, and the Archmage by Ed Cox
Transposer Cloak, White Cloak of the Spider, and Water Cloak by Wayne England
True Strike Gauntlets, Third Eye, and Vanguard Treads by Brian Hagan
Unicorn Pendant by Beth Trott
Vampire Torc, Torc of the Titans, and Torc of Power Preservation by Anne Stokes
Boots of Agile Leaping, Boots of Swift Passage, Boots of Sidestepping by David Martin
Boots of Temporal Acceleration, Quicksilver Boots, and Dimension Stride Boots by Brian Hagan
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