Art Gallery 09/13/2006

Dragon Magic

With all the draconic goodness packed inside Dragon Magic, it's only natural that you're going to get fantastic illustrations of dragons. Take a peek at them and many of the other illustrations from this book in our online gallery.

Sincere thanks go to art director Karin Jaques and artists David Bircham, Jeff Carlisle, Carl Critchlow, Daarken, Eric Deschamps, Jeff Easley, Wayne England, E.M. Gist, Brian Hagan, Ralph Horsley, Warren Mahy, Lucio Parrillo, Mike Schley, Arnie Swekel, Francis Tsai, Franz Vohwinkel, David Wahlstrom, Eva Widermann, and James Zhang.

Click the link below to view the illustrations.

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Artist Lucio Parrillo: Ember, apprentice to a silver dragon, channels her ki into a cold attack
Artist Warren Mahy: A swift wing is a foe of the evils her church opposes
Artist Wayne England: Doran Stout, a wyrm wizard, plunders the arcane knowledge of an emerald dragon
Artist Carl Critchlow: An ill wind blows in the desert, spurred on by dragon magic
Artist Eric Deschamps: A hand of the winged masters must be ready to undertake missions anywhere
Artist Eva Widermann: A campaign might trace all new dragon magic to a single instructor
Artist Wayne England
Artist Ralph Horsley: Tatiana Flameworthy, a dragonfire adept
Artist Eva Widermann: A sorcerer bound to a dragonpact adopts some draconic features
Artist Wayne England: What a brass dragon looks like eye to eye
Artist David Bircham: A red dragon, up close and personal
Artist Daarken: Drakkensteed
Artist Brian Hagan: In the aftermath of a battle, humanoid and draconic survivors gather to plot their retaliation
Artist Eric Deschamps: Phynxkin
Artist Mike Schley: Emblem of the First Scroll
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