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Player's Guide to Eberron Art Gallery

84699.jpgGrab your copy of Player's Guide to Eberronand add even more details (and choices) to your character's background and range of abilities. You can get a visual sense of the setting by perusing this online art gallery, too.

Sincere thanks go to art director Ryan Sansaver and artists David Michael Beck, Brent Chumley, Eric Deschamps, Draxhall Jump Entertainment, Steve Ellis, Howard Lyon, Lucio Parrillo, Steve Prescott, Anne Stokes, and Francis Tsai.

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Rakshasa vs. Couatl by Anne Stokes
Lords of Dust Symbol by Anne Stokes
Order of the Emerald Claw Symbol by Anne Stokes
Warforged by Draxhall Jump Entertainment
Lost Maze City by Howard Lyon
Ruined Dhakaani Fortress by Howard Lyon
Dragon Statuette by Brent Chumley
Aberrant Dragonmark by Anne Stokes
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