Art Gallery 10/10/2005

Magic of Eberron Art Gallery

84699.jpgMagic is a key element in many fantasy campaigns, and you'll find plenty of it in Magic of Eberron. Take at look at some visual representations of arcane and divine spellcasting in this online art gallery that features art from the book.

Sincere thanks go to art director Ryan Sansaver and artists David Michael Beck, Igor-Alban Chevalier, Eric Deschamps, Draxhall Jump Entertainment, Tomas Giorello, Lucio Parrillo, Steve Prescott, Anne Stokes, Mark Tedin, and Francis Tsai.

Click the link below to view the illustrations.

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Other Gear by Mark Tedin
New Races by Steve Prescott
Symbionts by Francis Tsai
Homunculi by Tomas Giorello
Dolghast by Lucio Parrillo
Tsoreva Quori by Eric Deschamps
Dream Master Quori by Eric Deschamps
Inspired Shock Trooper and Inquisitor by Francis Tsai
Urdark by Tomas Giorello
Vour by Tomas Giorello
Deadgrim by Lucio Parrillo
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