Art Gallery 09/09/2005

Magic of Incarnum

84699.jpgWith the versatility of incarnum in your game, your PCs and NPCs can accomplish some amazing things. Take a look at the Magic of Incarnum online art gallery to get a visual idea of what you could add to your campaign.

Sincere thanks go to art director Stacy Longstreet and artists Wayne England, Carl Frank, David Griffith, Eric Polak, Mark Poole, Wayne Reynolds, Ron Spencer, Anne Stokes, Chris Trevas, and Franz Vohwinkel.

Click the link below to view the illustrations.

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The Midnight Grove by Wayne England
Incarnum Golem by Carl Frank
Chapter 8: Monsters by David Griffith
Incandescent Champion by Carl Frank
Incarnum Arc by Chris Trevas
Totem Ranger by Eric Polak
Soulfused Construct by Wayne England
Chapter 6: Spells by David Griffith
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