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By Darrin Drader

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12/23 Upper Floor and Catacombs
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Crosswinds Keep and Environs

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Astral Encounters
Return to Crosswinds Keep
By Darrin Drader

Crosswinds Keep Upper Floor and Catacombs

While the ground floor of Crosswinds Keep is accessible to the public, the second floor and the catacombs are not. Only guards, servants, and the masters of the keep can enter these areas. Occasionally when a notable individual travels here, they may be allowed to stay in room 24.

20. Bran and Moala's Bedroom

The keep was established by the adventuring company the Stalwart Lions when the human Bran and the elven Moala fell in love and decided to live on a plane where the difference in their life spans would not cause a tragic end to their relationship. A large bed dominates this room, and elven crafts and other luxurious items brought here from throughout the planes provide the room with an elegant, yet comfortable, ambience.

21. Syussa's Bedroom

The private abode of the half-elven rogue Syussa Broar shows his appreciation of gold, gems, and other obvious displays of wealth. A pair of golden lion sculptures (worth 5,000 gp each) stand on either side of his bed, and gilden curtains and expensive rugs give the room an overall glitzy feel. Also in here are a collection of locks and traps that Syussa uses to keep his roguish skills sharp.

22. Elthure's Bedroom

The wizard Elthure lives in this room. Aside from the bed, which is covered with an ivory quilt with a subtle pattern of lighter starbursts, a number of small tables are stacked with books. No creature comforts or extravagance are found here, which is in stark contrast to the chambers of the other masters of the keep.

23. Servant's Quarters

The servants who have been employed the longest and are the most trusted are housed here. They are called upon less often and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle than the servants housed on the first floor. Each of these servants are paid 1 gp per week.

24. Honored Guest Suite

Only notable guests use the honored guest suite. Honored guests include kings, queens, planar rulers, renowned sages, or even avatars of deities. Normally the stay in this room is free, since it houses only those who are invited.

25. Coffers

This room holds the treasures that the keep's owners have collected. This includes the treasure the party gained through their travels as well as items that they have either purchased or otherwise acquired since they opened the keep. The items here include 320,000 worth of gold, gems, and magic items (no one item is worth more than 15,000 gp) and other treasures that belong to the keep.

Also contained within this room is the orb of isolation. It hovers above a pedestal crafted from marble and gold.

26. Magic Lab

The laboratory set up in this room is used by Elthure to create magic items. He rarely spends time in here, but he has the knowledge and materials to create many of the magic items found in the Dungeon Master's Guide.

27. Arcane Library

This massive room is lined with bookshelves where Elthure has stored tomes upon tomes containing arcane lore. DMs can pick and choose what spells and magic item creation details are found here. (Details on artifact creation cannot be found here.)

28. Chapel to Chantea

Moala dedicated this room to the worship of Chauntea. She alone maintains this room, and only the masters of the keep can worship within without being invited. This room is considered so sacred that even the servants stay out.

29. Kitchen

The private kitchen is where the food for the masters of the keep is prepared. All food is tasted before being presented to the masters of the keep.

30. Private Dining Room

The masters of the keep seldom eat in the dining rooms on the main floor since they prefer the security of being familiar with the servants who are preparing their food.

The Catacombs

When the Stalwart Lions came to this place, they found a massive catacomb system excavated from the stone of the god's head. Although they are unaware that a group of devils from the third layer of Hell created this place, they did have to clear out a number of creatures that wandered here from the previously open gateways that connect to many of the evil-aligned outer planes. These have since been sealed by doors and further protected by the orb of isolation.

Each of the rooms here are empty, save for a few piles of rubble. An iron door blocks access from the Outer Planes. The rooms on the map are numbered to allow you to easily reference the points should you decide to populate this part of the keep with monsters or encounters. Level 1 and level 2 are connected via a crude chute with handholds carved from the stone in rooms A4 and B1.

Bringing the Parts Together

Characters are unlikely to see these portions of the keep unless they are invited. Alternatively, should a successful invasion of the keep be mounted, the PCs may find themselves having access to these areas so that they can help defend the keep.

Coming in Part 3 of Return to Crosswinds Keep

Next week find out more about Bran Oakenshire and Moala Addrell.

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