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Return to Crosswinds Keep
Crosswinds Keep and Environs

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Astral Encounters
Return to Crosswinds Keep
By Darrin Drader

In this month's special feature, we return to Crosswinds Keep on the Astral Plane. Take a look at some of the additional information you can add to your campaign! (You can also revisit the earlier installments!)

Crosswinds Keep Proper

Explore the keep and see what kinds of amenities and defenses it possesses.

Upper Floor and Catacombs

This time, climb to the upper floor and delve into the catacombs.

Heroes of Crosswinds Keep, Part 1

Add Bran Oakenshire and Moala Addrell to your campaign.

Heroes of Crosswinds Keep, Part 2

Syussa Broar and Elthure Vildenof can make great NPCs to add to your campaign.

The Orb of Isolation

Learn about a new magic item that can provide the ultimate protection for any keep.

Game Resources: To get the best use of the material in this article, have the following resources on hand:

About the Author

Darrin Drader was born in Pullman, Washington, in 1973, and he eventually went to college at WSU there as well. It's no wonder that a town known for wheat fields, cows, higher education, and rampant inebriation would turn out a creative mind like Darrin's. Reading and being heavily influenced by Tolkien at an early age, he later developed a love for Dragonlance, the Belgariad, and the many books by R.A. Salvatore. Darrin was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons at the age of 11, and he has been a gamer ever since. Darrin has lived in Western Washington for the past six years, and, among other things, has sold computers and managed a retail store. Today Darrin is a happy employee of Wizards of the Coast and he lives outside of Tacoma, Washington, with his wife, daughter, feline friend Tabitha and the canine personality Arial. His recent projects include The Book of Exalted Deeds, Oathbound: Plains of Penance, Oathbound: Wrack & Ruin, and Oathbound: Arena.

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