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Crosswinds Keep and Environs

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Astral Encounters
Crosswinds Keep and Environs
By Darrin Drader

The Astral Plane, perhaps the single-most traveled of the Transitive Planes, is a virtual sky of silver connecting all planes within the multiverse. Fully detailed in the Manual of the Planes (pages 47-53), the Astral Plane is the home of the githyanki and the place where colossal hunks of dead and forgotten gods float and become foundations upon which the denizens of this plane build their civilizations. As the main connection point between all places, the Astral Plane sees a great deal of traffic from far-away realms.

The Elserryn Cluster is a point within the Astral Plane that is packed with stable, two-way color pools leading to virtually every plane in the multiverse, all within a thirty-mile radius. This region is a constant hub of activity and trade, but it is also a mere one hundred miles away from the githyanki city of Vala'Koth, placing it well within their sphere of influence. Several small settlements comprised of folk originating from numerous planes have sprung up here, and ships, originally built for use elsewhere, ply the lanes between them.

Take a look at one such settlement called Crosswinds Keep, and learn of some of the ships used by it to defend against dangers such as githyanki raiding parties and faze.

Crosswinds Keep

Crosswinds Keep may provide adventurers on the Astral Plane with a resting stop.

Sailors of the Silver Sky

Find out more about some of the ships available for use around Crosswinds Keep.

Raiders of the Silver Sky

While on the Astral Plane and around Crosswinds Keep, foes such as githyanki may clash with PCs.

The Faze

Another creature threatens Crosswinds Keep, and it could surprise your PCs.

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About the Author

Darrin Drader was born in Pullman, Washington, in 1973, and he eventually went to college at WSU there as well. It's no wonder that a town known for wheat fields, cows, higher education, and rampant inebriation would turn out a creative mind like Darrin's. Reading and being heavily influenced by Tolkien at an early age, he later developed a love for Dragonlance, the Belgariad, and the many books by R.A. Salvatore. Darrin was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons at the age of 11, and he has been a gamer ever since. Darrin has lived in Western Washington for the past six years, and among other things, has sold computers and managed a retail store. Today Darrin is a happy employee of Wizards of the Coast, and he lives outside of Tacoma, Washington, with his wife, daughter, feline friend Tabitha, and the canine personality Arial. His recent projects include The Book of Exalted Deeds, Oathbound: Plains of Penance, Oathbound: Wrack & Ruin, and Oathbound: Arena.

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