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Level Up Your Game—Here and Now

Improve your characters and campaigns with content, tools, articles, and applications you’ll find here at Dungeons & Dragons Insider. Every month, Dragon and Dungeon Magazines offer players and Dungeon Masters new material, options, encounters, and adventures. The D&D Compendium provides you with a searchable database of all the official material from every rulebook and every issue of the online magazines. The D&D Character Builder allows you to create and update characters quickly and easily. And a collection of Bonus Tools will help you spend less time prepping for your game and more time playing it.

D&D Adventure Tools is a premier suite of tools designed to help Dungeon Masters build their own D&D adventures. The first of these tools, the D&D Monster Builder*, lets you customize existing monsters and create your own unique monsters.

*The D&D Monster Builder is currently in Beta testing. You must be a D&D Insider subscriber to get access to the Beta version.

The D&D Character Builder
The D&D Character Builder
With access to every book and online article, the D&D Character Builder makes building and leveling your characters easier then ever before. As you plug in details—such as race, class, trained skills, feats, and powers—the D&D Character Builder autofills the rest of the sheet. (So, if you modify your CON, the D&D Character Builder automatically adjusts your HP.) In addition to providing an updatable and easy-to-read Character Sheet, the D&D Character Builder also generates Power Cards for you to quickly reference and track your at-will, encounter, and daily powers.
D&D Compendium
The D&D Compendium
Gain full access to the complete rules text for every race, class, paragon path, epic destiny, skill, feat, power, item, and ritual—from every D&D rulebook and online magazine article. The D&D Compendium offers you the fastest way to find what you’re looking for—and to discover even more.
D&D Monster Builder
D&D Monster Builder
Adventures are the lifeblood of the D&D game, but every Dungeon Master knows that they take a long time to build from scratch. D&D Adventure Tools is a suite of tools designed to make adventure building easy and fun.

The first tool in the suite, the D&D Monster Builder (currently available to D&D Insider subscribers in its Beta version), lets you browse over 2,500 official D&D monsters and paste them into your documents. You can take an existing monster from any D&D rulebook or online magazine article and customize it for your own campaign, including changing its statistics and role, increasing its level, replacing powers, and adding new ones. You can also create new monsters and auto-calculate their statistics based on certain choices you make.
D&D Magazines
The D&D Magazines
Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine bring you about 120 pages of all-new content, with updates posted several times a week—and a PDF compilation of every issue at the end of the month.

In Dragon Magazine, you'll find new material and expanded content to help make your characters more fun and more compelling. That means: new character options, new powers, new feats, new magic items, new paragon paths, epic destinies, and more.

Dungeon Magazine provides Dungeon Masters with 2-3 new adventures every month. Whether you run those adventures or play your own homebrewed adventures and campaigns, Dungeon offers a continuous source of articles, features, hints, and tips, to help make the job of DMing even easier.

One of the most exciting aspects of the D&D magazines is the opportunity to playtest new D&D rules and content before it goes off to the printer—you’ll have the ability to impact the game as it’s being created. You also get access to upcoming D&D releases in the form of debut articles, with insider links to new races, classes, feats, powers, and other options available only to subscribers in the D&D Compendium and the D&D Character Builder.
The Bonus Tools
The Bonus Tools
These simple, Flash-based tools crunch the numbers, so you can spend more time being creative with your characters and campaigns.

- Encounter Builder
- Ability Generator
- Monster Builder

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