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2003-2004 DCI Rules

Our tournament rules are split up into two main sections: the Universal Tournament Rules and game-specific Floor Rules. To make it easier for players to move from game to game, all rules which apply to all games the DCI sanctions are put together in the Universal Tournament Rules. That's where you'll find things like the definition of shuffling, codes of conduct, and the policy for the use of card sleeves. Of course, there are still going to be rules that only pertain to one game. That's why you'll need to check out the game-specific rules. Here you'll find deck construction requirements, and game-specific information, such as how to use a sideboard for a Magic draft.

In addition, the Universal Penalty Guidelines explain what to do when thing go wrong during the course of a tournament.

Magic Online users follow the tournament rules found in the help files of the Magic Online software, which differ slightly from the tournament rules for physical Magic tournaments.

You can download a Word version of each document by clicking on the appropriate links below:

Document   Word Version   Updated
DCI Universal Tournament Rules (1138 KB)   Download   6/22/2004
2003-2004 Penalty Guidelines (144 KB)   Download   10/22/2003
Magic: The Gathering Floor Rules (164 KB)   Download   9/1/2004
2005 Magic Premier Event Invitation Policy (204 KB)   Download   10/19/2004
Duel Masters Floor Rules (1602 KB)   Download   8/1/2004
Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Floor Rules (91 KB)   Download   9/15/2004
Neopets Floor Rules (61 KB)   Download   6/22/2004
2003-2004 Risk 2210 Floor Rules (99 KB)   Download   9/1/2003
Star Wars TCG Floor Rules (38 KB)   Download   6/22/2004
2004 MLB Showdown Floor Rules (525 KB)   Download   7/8/2004
2003-2004 Football Champions Floor Rules (42 KB)   Download   6/22/2004