Online Event Scheduling (except D&D)

Only approved WPN Organizers may schedule DCI or RPGA events. If you are not yet an approved WPN Organizer, please visit the WPN sign-up page.

1) Log into the Wizards Membership Login Page with your DCI / RPGA number and password.
  • If you have forgotten your password, and we have your correct e-mail address on file, go to the Wizards Membership Login Page and click "Forgot Password?".
  • If we don't have your current email address on file, or if you are not receiving a new password from the lost password tool, search for "DCI password" in the the Help Center for asssitance with resetting your email and/or password.
Wizards Login

2) Once logged in, you should see a picture of a DCI or RPGA card with your name on it.

Member Frontpage

3) In the "My Links" box, click "Event Sanctioning"

The next page will contain logos of the games we currently offer for sanctioned status. Click the appropriate game logo.

4) You may be asked to select an Event Type from a drop-down box. If so, review the menu options and select the event type you wish to schedule. For Magic: The Gathering, this is where Friday Night Magic and Launch Parties are selected when available.

Event Type dropdown menu

5) You may be asked to select a Location from the "Location Name" dropdown box. If so, select the correct location for this event and click "Next".

Location Name

6) You should now see a page requesting event information. Select the event date and format, then click "Next".

Event Information

7) You will then see a list of event requests. If you wish to schedule another event at the same location, click “New Pre-filled” at the bottom of the page.

Event List

8) Once all the events you wish to schedule are listed, click “Submit”. If the "Submit" button does not appear, click "Next".

9) For most special events, you will be asked to provide a shipping address for the event materials. Please note: We cannot ship to PO boxes. Once this form is completed, click "Submit".

Shipping Information

The submission process usually takes only a few seconds, but it may take longer if the system is especially busy. If the system is undergoing routine maintanance, the delay may be as long as an hour. However, you should eventually be presented with a screen that indicates that your request was successfully received.

Important: It is strongly reccommended that you verify your request, and retrieve the sanctioning numbers for your events. Each event you schedule will be assigned a unique 11-digit code - this is the event's sanctioning number. This number is necessary for reporting your event results.

If you recieve an error message during this process and are unable to resolve the error, please copy and paste that error message into the email form in the Help Center. Please include your name, DCI / RPGA number and the game you are trying to schedule.

Thank you and good luck with your events!

If you have any questions about this process, or are having issues accessing the scheduling webpage, please contact us through the Help Center with a description of the issue. Please include your DCI / RPGA number when writing to us.

Wizards of the Coast