Using DCI Reporter

The DCI Reporter tournament software can seem incomprehensible to most when they first view it. Viewing all of the features it posses often discourages new Tournament Organizers from ever using the software, however these step-by-step instructions can walk almost anyone through the process of running and reporting a basic event using the DCI Reporter Program.

  1. Open the DCI reporter program.

  2. From the main screen go to File on the tool bar and select “create new tournament,” or use the hot-key Ctrl+N. Doing this will open an “Event Creation – Game Selection” screen. Double click on the game and format you want to run and then click the “Proceed” button on the bottom right of the “Event Creation – Game Selection” window.

  3. You will now be looking at the “Create New Event” window. Enter the Event name into the space provided. After doing so, proceed to enter the event’s sanctioning number into the space provided as well. Set the correct number of rounds for the event in the “Regular Rounds” window. Then elect the event’s format in the lower left corner of the “Create New Event” window, and click on the Green "OK" button on the lower ring corner of the window.

  4. You will briefly see a “Tournament Creation Complete” window letting you know that the default data files are ready; click “OK” to proceed.

  5. You will now be looking at the main “Tournament in this Folder” window. Locate the event you just created (by name) and double click on it. You will now see your tournament’s “Status” window, and can begin enrolling your players.

  6. To enroll your players you will want to go to the Edit option on Reporter’s tool bar, and select the “players” option, or use the hot-key F2. Enter each player’s DCI number, first name, and last name, then hit the enter button. Once all players have been entered into your event click the save and close button located in the lower left side of the “Player – Entry” window.

  7. You will then be looking at the event “Status” window. Go to the “Perform” tab on the toolbar, and select the “Pairing” option, or use the hot-hey F7. A Pairing window will open, and you will want to click on the Green"Pair" button. You will see the parings for the round, and can print them out by going to the “Print” section of the toolbar, or by using the hot-key F8.

  8. Once players start finishing their games you will need to go to the “Edit” option on the toolbar and select the “Results Entry” option (this can also be done by using the hot-key F3. You will now be looking at the “Results Entry” window.

  9. To enter results simply enter the table number of the players into the “Table” field, or simply click on the correct table number for the players that are located on the upper right side of the window. Enter the player’s results.

  10. After all of the player’s results have been entered, repeat stets 7-9 until all rounds for the event have been paired and properly reported.

  11. To report the results to the DCI you will need to go to the “Perform” tab and select the “DCI Electronic Reporting” option, or use the hot-key Ctrl+D. Enter your password into the field provided, and click on the Green"Internet Upload" button.

  12. Congratulations! You just used the DCI Reporter program to run and report your event.

We hope that this walkthrough helps you while running DCI sanctioned events using the DCI Reporter program. If you have any additional questions about using the program please visit the DCI Reporter Software section of the DCI message boards.

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