DCI / RPGA Membership Card Requests

This process is available to WPN Organizers in North America, Latin America and Asia Pacifc. WPN Organizers outside these areas should email a DCI / RPGA Membership Cards Request to their regional office.

RPGA Event Organizers: New D&D players must be given a new 10-digit membership number. If you have unissued RPGA membership cards with less than 10 digits, discard them and ask for replacements. Ten-digit DCI numbers can be used for participation in D&D events.

Please request new DCI/RPGA membership cards through the Event Sanctioning system.

If you recieve an error message during this process, please email us through the Help System at www.wizards.com/customerservice - if possible, please copy and paste the error message you are receiving.

Note: If you are a player requesting a new DCI membership card, please contact our Customer Service Department.

If you have any questions about this process, please send us an email, or try asking your questions on the Tournament Organizer message boards.

Wizards of the Coast