Becoming a WPN Event Organizer

Why Become an Event Organizer?
Why running DCI- and RPGA-sanctioned events at your store can help increase your sales.

What are Event Organizers?
Find out what Event Organizers are and what they do, as well as a list of games available for scheduling.

Organizer Levels
Learn what’s available at each organizer level, and how to advance from one level to the next.

Get Started Here
This section contains instructions on how to become a WPN Event Organizer.

Getting Help From a DCI Certified Judge
Why it is beneficial to use a DCI certified Judge for your first DCI-sanctioned tournament.

Games currently available for sanctioning
Current list of games available for sanctioning by the DCI and RPGA.

If you have any questions about becoming a WPN Event Organizer, please to post them to the Tournament Organizer Message Boards.

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