Wizards Play Network - Casual Play FAQ

The Wizards Play Network is expanding opportunities for gamers and organizers by recognizing casual events. A casual event is your chance to relax with friends at your favorite store or gathering hall. This type of event is geared towards players having fun playing games face to face and does away with complex or time consuming tournament organization. Reporting is done through a simple online tool. And yes, everyone will be able to join the fun, too!

If you need WPN level information or information on how the WPN will interact with the DCI and RPGA, go to www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dci/wpn/levels

When can I start running casual events?
Casual events will be available for scheduling on October 3, 2008.

Where can I hold casual events?
These events are open to the public, so they must be held in public venues. Typically, a retail store is a great place to play, but any public place that can hold players is available for casual events.

Who can run casual events?
Casual events are available for all Gateway level tournament organizers. If you’re not already an organizer with the WPN, learn more here: www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dci/wpn/levels

Who can play in casual events?
Everyone is welcome to play. Unlike traditional sanctioned events, the organizer and judges can also play in the casual events they are working.

How many people do I need for a casual event?
Casual events don’t have a minimum requirement—except, of course, two foes to get the party started.

What formats are supported?
The format choice is up to the organizer. Any style that the players will enjoy is welcome—even “anything goes” or mixed formats (like the Pro Tour’s upcoming constructed then draft format). The organizer announces the format ahead of time so everyone knows what to bring. Once an announced event begins, the format is locked in, but running alternating formats over many weeks (such Standard on the first weekend of the month, Extended the next, then Draft, and then Open) is encouraged. What formats are played is up to the organizer and what the players want.

Do casual events affect my DCI rating?
No, a casual event is about hanging out and having fun. It’s a chance to try whacky decks and concentrate on socializing, so your DCI rating won’t be affected.

Do casual events count towards Magic Player Rewards?
No, MPR is not affected by casual events at this time.

Will Wizards of the Coast provide prizes for casual events?
Gateway level organizer kits include promotional cards suitable for supporting casual events. More information about the Gateway organizer kits is coming in November 2008. The nachos and sodas you’ll have to acquire on your own though.

Can an organizer provide their own prizes if they want?
Absolutely. What is available is up to the organizer, and generosity is a virtue. Advertising prizes that don’t materialize, however, is prohibited. Be sure to abide by relevant laws in your area as well.

Can I play with proxies or play online?
No, casual events are for players looking for direct social gaming. Online gaming doesn’t qualify, and like all WPN events, proxies are not allowed.

Can I run a casual event that lasts all weekend?
Events are limited by calendar day, but you could run a series of events over a weekend, one per day.

Can I run multiple events in one day?
Yes. For example, you might have an afternoon draft with one group and another group that does open play at night. When running multiple events on the same day, the event must be different formats. A single all-day event for one format is also fine.

What does an organizer report to the DCI?
The only information to record is the organizer, date, location, and participants (names and DCI numbers) using an online tool. Don’t worry about reporting match records, penalties, or any complicated record keeping.

How does an organizer handle penalties?
In keeping with the relaxed nature of casual events, the organizer determines the best way to handle problems that arise. They make the final call in what to do, and we’ll leave it at that.

What happens if a player leaves early or arrives late?
Casual events can last all day, and players may come and go as they like. All the organizer needs is to add player names and numbers to the participant list, and the rest is pure convenience.

How cool is that?
Very cool.

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