2007 Pro Tour Schedule Released

Wizards of the Coast is proud to announce the following locations, dates, and formats for the 2007 Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour season.

Pro Tour-Geneva

February 9-11 in Geneva, Switzerland
Time Spiral Booster Draft
Qualifying round: October 7-December 31, Time Spiral Sealed with Booster Draft Top 8

Pro Tour-Yokohama

April 20-22 in Yokohama, Japan
Time Spiral Block Constructed
Qualifying round: January 6-March 11, Extended

Pro Tour-San Diego

June 29-July 1 in San Diego, California, USA
Two-Headed Giant Limited
Qualifying round: March 17-May 20, Two-Headed Giant Limited

Pro-Tour Valencia

October 12-14 in Valencia, Spain
Qualifying round: June 23-August 26, Time Spiral Block Constructed

The 2007 World Championships will held in North America. Formats, date, and location to be announced in the coming weeks. Tune in to Brian David-Marshall's column on August 18 for complete discussion about the schedule.

Wizards of the Coast