How do I join the DCI?

Glad to hear that you are interested in joining the DCI!

To become a member, please attend a tournament in your area. The tournament organizer will give you a DCI registration card with a membership number. To find tournaments in your region for one of our game, go to our tournament locator. Your location search will return the most results if you start with something broad like Region or Country, you leave the date blank, and you set the pull-down Status to "Future" tournaments. When you have your search results on screen, you may click on the Tournament Name for a link to more information about the location and format of that tournament or, click on the Coordinator's Name to contact him or her by email.

I have a DCI number but when I enter the number, your system says it is “Invalid”

First, make sure you keyed it right but trying once again. If it comes with dashes, remove the dashes when typing it.

Please note that it can take a few weeks before a new DCI number is recorded in our system. We need to receive your membership information from the person who organized the tournament you played in. Please check with them to see if they have sent in your DCI registration information. You can also check our web site to see if one of the tournaments you have played in has been received and processed. go to our tournament locator. Enter the information for your tournament's location and the appropriate date range, and choose "All" from the status pull-down menu. Once your search results are posted, click on the Tournament Name for information on your tournament's current status. The day after we receive the report we record it as Received. When it has been added to ratings it is marked Processed. If you do find a tournament that you participated in has been processed, but you still cannot login to the DCI member pages, please let us know. When you contact us, specify the tournament's location, date, and the organizer's name.

Even if your DCI number is not in our database yet, it is still valid. As soon as we receive the results from a sanctioned tournament in which you participated, your number will be added to the database with the tournament results.

What is my Membership Number?

Membership Number is a generic term that includes DCI and RPGA numbers. They are found on your DCI or RPGA card. Each player should only have one Membership Number. If you have more than one, please contact us through the Wizards Help System at http://www.wizards.com/customerservice so we can merge them into a single account. To verify your identity, please include your name, date of birth, and all Membership Numbers. Also include which Membership Number you want to keep as your favorite.

What is my DCI Activation Code for?

The DCI activation code is a tool that allows new players immediate access to their DCI Password. The Activation Code only works once, so once used the code is no longer valid. Activation Codes are only included with new 10-digit DCI cards. Players with older cards do not have, or need, activation codes and should request passwords using the existing process.

What is my DCI Password for?

The DCI Password grants access to the Personal Information Page for DCI. Access to the Personal Information Page is required to update your information, should your address or e-mail address change. This is particularly important for Magic Player Rewards members who may not receive their benefits if the information we have is not up to date.

I don’t have a 10-digit DCI number. Do I need one?

You don’t need a new number. Continue using the DCI number you have been using. You do not need to activate it in any way. Activation is just for the people receiving a new 10-digit number.

My Activation Code didn’t work, what do I do?

First make sure you entered in your DCI number and your activation code correctly. The DCI number must be entered WITHOUT any dashes, so if you entered it as it appears on the newer cards, the activation will fail. Example: “123-456-7890” should be entered as “1234567890”. For the activation code, make sure to read the code carefully, and make sure you did not confuse a Z for a 2 or a G for a 6. Theses are the errors that occur most often. If you still have a problem, contact us through the Wizards Help System at http://www.wizards.com/customerservice

It says my account is already activated, what do I do?

If your account is activated, it is likely we already have your information and e-mail address on file. You simply need to request a password using our password request page here.

I can’t find my DCI Activation Code.

You can find the Activation code on your new 10-digit DCI membership card with the bar code underneath the silver scratch-off surface. If there is no activation code below your name, this means that you do not need to activate your membership.

I don’t have an Activation Code.

Only the most recent new members get an activation code. If you have had your Membership Number for some time, you do not need to activate your membership. If we already have your information and e-mail address on file, you simply need to request a password using our password request page here.

I lost my DCI Password, what do I do?

If we already have your information and e-mail address on file, you simply need to request a password using our password request page here.

I’ve tried to get my DCI Password using self-service and it didn’t work.

If, after requesting a DCI Password using the password request page, your password does not arrive that same day (it typically takes a few minutes, but can take up to a couple of hours), it is likely that we do not have your correct e-mail address. Please contact us through the Wizards Help System at http://www.wizards.com/customerservice to update your e-mail address and get your password sent to you. In order to provide a password we must confirm your ID so please include:
Full Name
DCI Number
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY)

I’ve lost my Membership Number, what do I do?

Please contact us through the Wizards Help System at http://www.wizards.com/customerservice to find a lost Membership Number. In order to provide a player with a DCI number we need as much of the following information as you can provide:
Full Name
Mailing Address
E-mail address
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY)
If you have attended any tournaments, details on when and where.
Provided that information matches up with one of our records, we'll be able to provide you with your Membership Number.

Why isn’t my password working?

If you are still experiencing problems with logging into our website then it could be that it is due to your browser's security settings. Having security settings set fairly high will disable cookies from websites that allow you to login to them. This will often result in password login pages being refreshed when you usually would have successfully logged in.

When using Internet Explorer you have to go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy Tab, and then set your level of security to "High" or lower. (If you have the "Block All Cookies" option set, then you will not be able to login successfully.) Once your settings are set to "High" or lower, then you can enter in the website manually that you want to allow cookies for. To do this you simply need to click the "Edit" button towards the bottom right of the Privacy tab that you are already on. You would just need to enter in wizards.com into this list. Once done, it is generally best to close down the browser you had open, and open up a fresh one to try logging in on.

Here are a couple other things to make sure you pay attention to when logging in:

When entering in your DCI number on the website you should make sure to leave out all the dashes. For instance, most numbers come in the 1234-567-890 format, but you need to enter it as 1234567890 on our website in order to login successfully and/or use your activation code successfully.

When entering your password make sure to have all the upper/lower case capitalizations correct in your letters. These must be exact in order to login. Also try entering your password both manually and copy/pasting to see if either method is more successful for you.

If none of the above works, then you may want to try logging in from a different web browser (latest version of Internet Explorer is prefered).

How do I contact the DCI?

Customer Service for DCI and RPGA goes through the Wizards Help System at http://www.wizards.com/customerservice

For passwords, we recommend using the website’s self service page before contacting us - the website’s response is almost immediate.

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