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d20 Modern Adventures 01/19/2006

Reality Check
By Bill Canavan

A young reporter has gone missing while investigating a strange industrial facility in the mountains. What happened to her, and what does the mysterious company called UberCorp have to do with her disappearance? Download Reality Check by Bill Canavan and introduce your heroes to a new kind of industrial espionage in the first adventure of the new Project Javelin series!


Kimberly Scott, an investigative reporter for a local newspaper, disappeared recently while on a camping trip. But her co-workers and superiors have reason to believe that she was investigating a strange German company called UberCorp, which operates out of a facility hidden in the mountains. UberCorp is an energy conglomerate that deals primarily in liquid natural gas (LNG). But although the company purchases huge quantities of LNG for delivery to its storage tanks, none is ever sold -- yet the company remains solvent. Kimberly Scott evidently decided to find out where all of it was going, and she hasn't been seen since.

About the Author

Bill Canavan has been gaming for more than twenty-five years. During that time, he has written and run adventures for the Dungeons & Dragons, d20 Modern, and Star Wars d20 games. Reality Check is his first published work, and he is grateful for the opportunity to write for Wizards of the Coast. Bill currently lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two cats.

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