d20 Modern Adventures
Crossing the Line
By Stan!

The heroes must penetrate a secured location to complete another mission. But the security is in the hands of one of the world's top guns for hire, and he knows how to build a deadly gamut. Crossing the Line is an adventure for 19th-level characters by Stan! that explores what happens when experienced heroes try to penetrate an area guarded by one of the world's finest guns for hire.


The heroes are nearing the end of a particularly tough mission. All that remains is to go to the Antilles Building and nab the bad guy in the act. But the villain has anticipated their plans and hired a top-notch assassin and infiltrator to keep them out of the building until he can complete his nefarious scheme. Can the heroes run the deadly gamut and reach their goal in time?

About the Author

Stan! has been publishing fiction, cartoons, and games professionally since 1982. He has served as a graphic designer and line editor for West End Games, an editor and designer for TSR, Inc., and as an author, senior designer, and creative director for Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Stan! is currently the Creative Vice President for The Game Mechanics, Inc. His recent projects include the d20 Future book for Wizards of the Coast, Inc., plus Modern Magic, volume 2 for The Game Mechanics. In what he laughingly refers to as his spare time, Stan! writes and illustrates the Bolt & Quiver comic strip.

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