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d20 Modern Adventures 04/19/2005

Sagebrush Horror
By Sagebrush Horror

America's wild west was a land of fast guns and quick death. Wild animals ran rampant, killing both cattle and humans. But are the recent deaths in the town of Sagebrush really due to wolves and wildcats, or does a more insidious menace stalk this small western town? Sagebrush Horror is an adventure for 7th-level characters by Darrin Drader that requires investigation as well as action.


A few weeks ago, Jed Owen, mayor of the little western town of Sagebrush, was slain by a vicious animal. Shortly thereafter, Earl Lindscomb, a leading merchant who was running for the vacated mayoral seat, met the same fate, and now a ranch hand has died as well.

But are these killings really the work of an ordinary animal? Not everyone in town thinks so. Solomon Wolfe, the leader of the new Fellowship of the Common Path Church and also a candidate for mayor, believes the beast is a manifestation of God's will, sent to cleanse the town of the impure. Only those who truly believe, he says, will be saved from the ravages of this beast. The townsfolk are frightened, but who could be a better protector for them than a man of such strong faith?

About the Author

Darrin Drader was born in Pullman, Washington in 1973, and he attended Washington State University there. He has lived in western Washington for the past eight years and is thrilled to be an employee of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Darrin has done design work for Asgard Online Magazine, D20 Weekly Online Magazine, Dragon Magazine, Star Wars Gamer Magazine, Bastion Press, and of course, Wizards of the Coast, Inc. His credits include the Book of Exalted Deeds and the Forgotten Realms Serpent Kingdoms book.

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