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Foul Weather
By Mike McArtor

Two derelict spacecraft orbiting a planet on the fringe of known space pay silent homage to the fragility of human life and the raw, devastating power of space. For the past two years, the I.S.S. Beagle and End's Run have orbited this planet, locked together in a grim dance of death. Can the heroes unlock the secret of their destruction without falling victim to the same fate?

Foul Weather is an adventure for 5th-level characters by Mike McArtor that explores the many dangers of deep space -- even for those accustomed to dealing with it.


In the late 20th century, a planet of roughly Jupiter's mass was identified in the system of a class G star called 14 Herculis. In the mid-21st century, as technology improved, astronomers discovered that the system also contained a collection of smaller planets, at least one of which might be habitable by humans.

Roughly four years ago, the research and survey ship I.S.S. Beagle set out to search for a habitable planet in the 14 Herculis system. After analyzing the system for only 3 months, the ship abruptly ceased communicating with Earth.

Robert Ender, owner of the independent salvage ship End's Run, set out to investigate, arriving two years later at the Beagle's last known coordinates. Ender quickly located the ship and, finding no sign of life aboard, began sending in the required applications for salvage rights. Shortly thereafter, End's Run also fell silent.

About the Author

Mike McArtor grew up 3 hours south of Seattle and now lives in Bellevue, WA -- a mere 6-mile bike ride from the offices of Paizo Publishing, where he works as one of Dragon Magazine's assistant editors. He's thankful for his job, for his chance to live closer to Seattle at last, and for the chance to write for the Wizards of the Coast website.

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