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d20 Modern Adventures 05/13/2004

Crisis on Canyon Road
By Stan!

In real life, heroes are often ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations, such as aiding accident victims, dealing with the aftermath of a calamity, or rescuing children in danger. When such people see others in trouble or need, they step in and offer assistance with no thought of reward or gain. It is this kind of selfless action that earns them the title of hero.

This sort of heroism is sometimes forgotten in a d20 Modern campaign, where threats often come in the form of supernatural forces or foes with overwhelming power. In situations such as these, heroes are by necessity adventurers -- well-equipped, highly trained individuals who seek out action, mystery, and most of all danger in many exotic forms.

In Crisis on Canyon Road, an adventure for 17th-level characters by Stan!, the heroes have the opportunity to show whether or not they have what it takes to be heroes in the truest sense.

Preview the Adventure

A van containing four people has broken through the guardrail on Canyon Road and plummeted down to a ledge below the roadbed. Some of the people inside have obviously survived the crash, but the ledge is unstable, and the van is likely to fall into the canyon below if help does not come soon. The city's emergency aid units are all busy with other situations, so it's up to the heroes to either render aid or condemn the occupants of the van to their deaths. But is the situation more than it appears? Who exactly are the accident victims, and what were they doing on this road at such an odd time? Is it possible that they hold other lives in their hands as well?

About the Author

Stan! has been publishing fiction, cartoons, and games professionally since 1982. He has served as a graphic designer and line editor for West End Games, an editor and designer for TSR, Inc., and an author, senior designer, and creative director for Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Stan! is currently the Creative Vice President for The Game Mechanics, Inc. His recent projects include the d20 Future book for Wizards of the Coast, Inc., plus Modern Magic, volume 2 for The Game Mechanics. In what he laughingly refers to as his spare time, Stan! writes and illustrates the Bolt & Quiver comic strip.

Stan! lives in Renton, WA, where he eats nothing but meat and cheese. Visit him online

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