d20 Modern Adventures
Everything Goes
By Owen K. C. Stephens

Some evil creatures are out to destroy the world; others just want to make a buck. The black market is cutthroat enough, but when supernatural and alien items are on the block, someone innocent always gets hurt.

In Everything Goes, a new d20 Modern adventure by Owen K. C. Stephens, a black marketeer named Bora Ghali has recently renovated an abandoned mine within a high mountain and turned it into the headquarters for her Black Mark operation. So far, her organization has remained small, and no one has managed to procure much evidence against her. But all that is about to change. Can the heroes shut her down before her evil influence spreads all over the world? This adventure is designed for 15th-level characters.

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The Redoubt is an old gold mine that played out in the late 1800s. Abandoned for decades, it was purchased in the 1960s by a private individual who hoped to find a few veins of gemstones in its extensive network of tunnels. This hope never panned out, and the mine was again abandoned until Bora Ghali bought it in the late 1990s. After having the mine extensively remodeled, Bora named it the Redoubt and made it her home and the headquarters for the Black Mark, her auction company.

Bora is a dealer in the supernatural, arcane, otherworldly, and rare. She finds mystic and psychic artifacts from around the world, arranges their procurement by any means necessary, and sells them to the highest bidder. She has acquired a broad range of agents and allies, most of whom are criminals and a few of whom are more (or less) than human. With its diverse members, her organization can acquire a broad range of unique supernatural, alien, and occult items.

So far, Bora Ghali has been content to operate out of the Redoubt, but her finances and contacts have expanded so greatly that she's no longer satisfied with a single operation. Soon, she'll be spreading her network across the globe, building multiple bases and hiring more agents and guards. All she needs is a little more money, which a few high-profile auctions are sure to provide. In a matter of weeks, she'll begin recruiting under-bosses for her new Redoubts on every continent, and soon afterward, the Black Mark will become a true supernatural mafia.

About the Author

Owen Kirker Clifford Stephens was born in 1970 in Norman, Oklahoma. He attended the TSR Writer's Workshop held at the Wizards of the Coast Game Center in 1997 and moved to the Seattle area in 2000, after accepting a job as a Game Designer at Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Fourteen months later, he returned to Oklahoma with his wife and three cats to pick up his freelance writer/developer career. His credits include author and co-author credits on numerous Star Wars and EverQuest projects, as well as Bastards and Bloodlines from Green Ronin. He also has producer credits for various IDA products, including the Stand-Ins printable figures.

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