d20 Modern Adventures
The 7:48 from Central Avenue
By Skip Williams

The deep places in the earth harbor many secrets, as this investigation of a mundane subway accident shows. Then again, perhaps it was neither mundane nor an accident. Could creatures of Shadow be involved? What happened to the people aboard the train and the emergency workers sent to the site? Check out Skip Williams's new miniadventure for the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game using the new Urban Arcana Campaign Setting. This adventure is designed for 8th-level characters.

Preview the Adventure

The rising tide of Shadow brings many strange things into the world, and most of them prove unpleasant. Among these new arrivals is a mysterious creature called Maut'on. As resourceful as most of his kind, Maut'on quickly found a suitably dark lair (an abandoned sub-basement not far from a subway station) and took up residence there. Thus far, he has refused to become too closely involved with the modern world, preferring instead to play the role of the hunter. Maut'on preys on late-night travelers and spends hours pondering whether to attempt an escape back through the shadows or settle down here permanently.

Since his arrival, Maut'on has encountered other refugees from Shadow, including a burrowing creature of enormous strength and an intelligent wielder of magic named Fek-Jiim, with whom he has forged an alliance. The two have formed a small but lucrative crime ring based largely on selling goods taken from their unfortunate victims.

A chance event near Maut'on's subway lair has just given the pair an opportunity with equal potential for lucre and peril. Due to a sudden brake failure, a subway train has derailed at the height of rush hour, snarling the whole system and turning a crowd of people loose in the tunnels outside Maut'on's lair (first bewildered passengers, and later subway and utility works sent to assess the damage).

Can the heroes stop the Shadow creatures and rescue their unfortunate captives before it's too late? Find out in The 7:48 from Central Avenue!

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