d20 Modern Adventures
Le Chien de l'Onyx
by Steve Winter

The emergence onto Earth of strange creatures from the shadows is nothing new. It has been going on throughout history, but at a much slower pace -- a bare trickle, compared to the present rush. In Le Chien de l'Onyx, your D20 Modern Roleplaying Game characters run smack into some of these creatures in the middle of a plot to steal a rare magic item: the onyx dog.

Le Chien de l'Onyx is a short introductory scenario for low-level player characters. It can be tailored for PCs from 1st to 3rd level. Any number of characters can be involved, but three to five is best.

Our story takes place in the modern-day. However, it really begins back in the year 1780, when a young elf mage named Nieulor suddenly finds himself in the strange, new world of pre-revolutionary France. . . .

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