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Skill School 12/22/2006

Gadgets Under My Skin 12/08/2006

Interactive Gadgety Goodness 11/10/2006

More Gadgety Goodness 09/27/2006

Gadgety Goodness 09/15/2006

Guns, Ammo, and Punches 08/31/2006

Gamemaster Calls 08/25/2006

Critical Locations 08/04/2006

It's All About Tech 07/21/2006

It's All About Gear 06/29/2006

Omerta and Combat 05/10/2006

Question Roundup, Part 4 04/11/2006

Question Roundup, Part 3 02/17/2006

Question Roundup, Part 2 11/22/2005

Question Roundup, Part 1 10/18/2005

Questions to End the World 08/09/2005

Rules That Aren't in the D&D Game 06/28/2005

Action! 06/14/2005

Character Concept and Classes 05/31/2005

Modern Magic Mysteries 05/24/2005

The Devil in the Details 05/10/2005

Maneuvers and Actions 04/26/2005

Unearthed Urban Arcana 04/12/2005

Combat Confusion 04/05/2005

Basic Classes, Part 2 03/01/2005

Basic Classes, Part 1 02/10/2005

Fight, Fight, Fight! 01/25/2005

Gear and Greenbacks 01/18/2005

Guns and Ammo 01/11/2005

Covering the Basics 12/07/2004

Back to the d20 Future 11/16/2004

Powers, Qualities, and Feats 11/05/2004

Looking into the d20 Future 10/26/2004

A New Beginning 10/12/2004

Urban Arcana II 08/10/2004

Urban Arcana I 08/03/2004

Guns and Ammo 07/22/2004

Divergent Rules 07/13/2004

Talents 06/29/2004

Basics on Classes 06/15/2004

The Root of All Evil 06/01/2004

Crossing the Streams 05/18/2004

FX Items 05/04/2004

Magic Mayhem! 04/20/2004

Monsters! 04/06/2004

Urban Arcana 03/30/2004

Combat 03/16/2004

Gear and Equipment 03/09/2004

Vehicles 02/17/2004

Miscellany 02/03/2004

Characters 01/20/2004

Tactics 01/06/2004

Skills 12/23/2003

Characters and Class Abilities 12/09/2003

Urban Arcana 11/25/2003

Skills and Feats 11/04/2003

Gear and Equipment 10/28/2003

Running the Game 10/14/2003

Player Tactics, Part 2 09/30/2003

Player Tactics 09/16/2003

FX Effects and Supernatural Creatures 09/02/2003

Class Features and Mastercraft Items 08/19/2003

Skills 08/05/2003

Equipment and Gear 07/29/2003

Vehicles Revisited 07/01/2003

Wealth Revisited 06/17/2003

Clever Combat Tricks 06/03/2003

FX Abilities 05/20/2003

Characters and Class Abilities 05/06/2003

Vehicles 04/29/2003

Omission Impossible 04/15/2003

Conversions 04/03/2003

Nonlethal Combat 03/20/2003

The Wealth System 03/04/2003

Firearms in the d20 Modern Game 02/18/2003
The modern world. It's a complicated place. This column sets things straight -- not in the real world, perhaps, but in the next best thing: the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game. From guns to gnoll pimps, from fast cars to fist fights, Bullet Points has the answers.

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