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d20 Modern Dark*Matter Excerpts
By Wolfgang Baur, Monte Cook

The time has come to introduce (or reintroduce) your players to the world you'll find within the pages of d20 Dark*Matter. Be "in the know" or become so through adventuring in the setting when you take advantage of Dark*Matter's conversion to the d20 Modern rules. If you aren't sure what to expect, then you're off to a good start -- perhaps your characters will be a bit more prepared for anything.

However, to make it a bit easier on you, we're providing you with some excerpts, including the Table of Contents, a list of feats, the entry about the Alchemist prestige class, and some information about the Greys.


Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Alien Craft Operation Pilot 4 ranks Take no penalty on Pilot checks or attack rolls made to operate a type of alien craft.
Alien Weapons Proficiency -- You are proficient with alien weapons.
Blood Magic Wis 13, ability to cast arcane or divine spells Cast a spell you know without using a spell slot, but take 2d6/spell level damage.
Closed Mind -- +2 bonus on saves to resist psionic powers and psi-like abilities.
Disciple of Life Ability to turn undead Deal 1d6/level damage to undead within 60-ft. radius.
Greater Power Crystal Ability to create power crystal Imbue a power crystal you create with 8 power points.
Greater Psi-Blade Ability to manifest psi-blade Damage dealt by your psi-blade increases by one step.
Hurl Psi-Blade Ability to manifest psi-blade Make ranged attacks with your psi-blade.
Nanite Mastery Sand slave outcast Gain a new sand slave special ability.
Open Minded -- Gain 5 skill points.
Power Focus Manifest psionic powers +2 on save DCs against a specific power.
Power Penetration Manifest psionic powers +2 bonus on manifester level checks to defeat power resistance.
Psi Mastery Have power point reserve Gain additional power points.
Psionic Surge Have power point reserve Spend 1 action point to regain 1d6 spent power points.
Sixth Sense -- You can't be surprised.
Spell Focus Cast arcane or divine spells +1 on save DCs against specific school of magic.
Spell Penetration Cast arcane or divine spells +2 bonus on caster level checks to defeat spell resistance.
Spell Recall Cast arcane or divine spells Spend 1 action point to recall one previously cast spell.
Sudden Manifest Manifest psionic powers Spend 1 action point to manifest a 0-, 1st-, or 2nd-level power as a free action.

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