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d20 Future Tech Excerpt

d20 Future Tech provides you with gadgets and gear to add to that which you can find in the d20 Future supplement. Intended for use by both players and Gamemasters, d20 Future Tech expands upon d20 Future by presenting even more options for a futuristic campaign. More than just lists of equipment, though, this book presents guidelines for developing futuristic societies, generating nonstandard heroes (such as robots), and conducting combat using the kinds of weapons and vehicles available in high-technology settings. The excerpts below provide you with the contents of the book, some of the introduction for the book, expanded crew actions, new mecha combat rules, and statistics for the bomber, the sledgehammer, and the reaper.

For more excerpts, please check out the February 2006 Previews!

Sledgehammer (PL 7)

The Sledgehammer is a heavy weapons mecha, designed to provide large amounts of firepower in a small package. The Sledgehammer sacrifices its hands in favor of two powerful weapons, and trudges across the battlefield ever in search of new targets.

A Sledgehammer installed with the standard equipment package (see below) has a purchase DC of 49.

Size: Huge (infantry mecha) (-2 size)
Bonus Hit Points: 300
Superstructure: Neovulcanium
Hardness: 20
Armor: Crystal carbon
Bonus to Defense: +10
Armor Penalty: -8
Reach: 10 ft.
Strength Bonus: +16
Dexterity Penalty: +0
Speed: 50 ft., fly 100 ft. (clumsy)
Base Purchase DC: 48

Standard Equipment Package: Pilot's cockpit (torso and belt), Class IV sensor array (helmet), Mark III Oracle targeting system (visor), jet pack (back), energy shield (back and shoulders), self-destruct system (left arm), life support system (left arm), hand replacement (left hand and right hand), Avalanche variable charge energy cannon (left hand, from hand replacement), IC-6 Subduer ion cannon (right arm), F-40 singularity rifle Mk. 3 (right hand, from hand replacement), chaff (shoulders), structural enhancement (1 slot equivalent, boots), fusion power core (no slots), GM-LT9 Seeker missile launcher (shoulders, from fusion power core), comm system (no slots).

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