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d20 Future Tech Excerpt

d20 Future Tech provides you with gadgets and gear to add to that which you can find in the d20 Future supplement. Intended for use by both players and Gamemasters, d20 Future Tech expands upon d20 Future by presenting even more options for a futuristic campaign. More than just lists of equipment, though, this book presents guidelines for developing futuristic societies, generating nonstandard heroes (such as robots), and conducting combat using the kinds of weapons and vehicles available in high-technology settings. The excerpts below provide you with the contents of the book, some of the introduction for the book, expanded crew actions, new mecha combat rules, and statistics for the bomber, the sledgehammer, and the reaper.

For more excerpts, please check out the February 2006 Previews!

Bomber (PL 6)

Similar in design to fighters and assault fighters, the bomber functions as an attack vessel that primarily targets large ships, space stations, or even ground-based targets. Bombers deliver heavy weapons payloads against a target of greater size and are generally armed to deliver massive amounts of damage. Carrying such a payload reduces the number of conventional antifighter weapons the bomber can carry, so a pair of fighters usually accompanies most bombers on bombing runs to defend them against attack vessels.

Type: Ultralight Size: Gargantuan (-4 size)
Subtype: Bomber Tactical Speed: 3,500 feet (7 sq.)
Defense: 15 Length: 48 feet
Flat-footed Defense: 11 Weight: 63,000 lb.
Autopilot Defense: 8 Targeting System Bonus: +2
Hardness: 30 Crew: 2 (expert +8)
Hit Dice: 10d20 (200 hp) Passenger Capacity: 0
Initiative Modifier: +4 Cargo Capacity: 2,000 lb.
Pilot's Class Bonus: +5 Grapple Modifier: +12
Pilot's Dex Modifier: +4 Base Purchase DC: 52
Gunner's Attack Bonus: +4 Restriction: Restricted (+2)

2 fire-linked CHE missile launchers +2 ranged (9d12)
1 nuclear missile launcher +2 ranged
Attack of Opportunity: None

Standard PL 6 Design Specs:
Power Core: Fission generator
Engines: Fusion torch, thrusters
Armor: Vanadium
Defense Systems: Decoy drone launcher, magnetic field, stealth screen
Sensors: Class III sensor array, targeting system
Communications: Laser transceiver, radio transceiver
Weapons: 2 fire-linked CHE missile launchers (8 missiles each), 1 nuclear missile launcher (8 missiles)
Grappling Systems: None

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