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d20 Future Excerpt
By Christopher Perkins, Rodney Thompson, and JD Wiker

Always wanted to adventure among the stars? Then the d20 Future book is for you! Aliens, spaceships, unexplored planets, cybernetics, mutants laser weapons -- they're all here, just waiting for your intrepid heroes. You can even create heroes from alien species to add new dimensions to your spacefaring adventures.

The d20 Future book gives you everything you need to create and play d20 Modern games set in the near or far future. Our sneak peek offers just a sampling:

From Chapter Eleven: Cybernetics

When flesh fails -- and sometimes even before then -- cybernetics take over. Prosthetic limbs and replacement organs powered by batteries and controlled by electrical impulses are modern-day precursors to sophisticated cybernetic hardware designed to improve or augment the recipient's body and mind.


Cybernetic enhancements are available starting at Progress Level 6. Unlike standard replacements, they bestow new abilities upon their recipients. Unless otherwise noted, enhancements don't add measurably to a recipient's weight.

Each enhancement description includes the following information:

Benefit: What the cybernetic enhancement allows its recipient to do.

Type: Enhancements can be external or internal. External enhancements are subject to sunder attacks; internal enhancements are not.

Hardness/Hit Points: The hardness and hit points of the enhancement. Internal enhancements don't have hardness.

Base Purchase DC: The purchase DC of the enhancement (or the components to build it), at its specified Progress Level. Cybernetic attachments are cheaper to buy at higher Progress Levels; for each raised step in Progress Level, reduce the purchase DC by 2.

Restriction: The level of license required to purchase the enhancement legally, and an appropriate black market purchase DC modifier.

External Weapon Mount (PL 6)

The recipient's prosthetic arm ends in a weapon instead of a hand.

Benefit: The recipient has a melee or ranged weapon attached to a prosthetic arm. Attempts to disarm the recipient of the attached weapon automatically fail, though the weapon can still be attacked (like any other) in an attempt to destroy it.

Type: External.

Hardness/Hit Points: 10/5 (mount only).

Base Purchase DC: Melee weapon mount 15, ranged weapon mount 17 (the purchase DC does not include the prosthetic arm or weapon).

Restriction: Military (+3).

Subcutaneous Body Armor (PL 6)

Subcutaneous body armor consists of small plates of flexible armor implanted under the recipient's skin.

Benefit: The character gains a natural armor bonus to Defense. The bonus depends on the density of the armor: Light +2, Medium +5, Heavy +8.

Type: Internal.

Hardness/Hit Points: --/varies. The armor has one-quarter the maximum hit points of the recipient.

Base Purchase DC: Light 15, Medium 20, or Heavy 25.

Restriction: Military (+3).

Anti-Stun Implant (PL 7)

This implant, embedded near the spine, shields the recipient's nervous system against stunning attacks.

Benefit: The recipient cannot be stunned.

Type: Internal.

Hardness/Hit Points: --/4.

Base Purchase DC: 24.

Restriction: Military (+3).

Laser Optics (PL 7)

The recipient's eyes are replaced with ocular implants capable of firing thin laser beams.

Benefit: Using laser optics is an attack action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. A "laser eye" deals 2d6 points of fire damage, threatens a critical hit on a natural 20, and has a range increment of 20 feet. Each additional eye adds +2 to the damage roll (thus, a pair of laser eyes would deal 2d6+2 points of fire damage).

A creature equipped with multiple laser eyes must fire them simultaneously at the same target.

Type: Internal.

Hardness/Hit Points: -/2 (per eye).

Base Purchase DC: Single 25, pair 28.

Restriction: Military (+3).

Psi Implant (PL 8)

This brain implant stimulates neuron activity in underdeveloped regions of the recipient's brain, unlocking latent psionic abilities.

Benefit: The recipient gains the Wild Talent feat (described on page 362 of the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game).

Type: Internal.

Hardness/Hit Points: --/2.

Base Purchase DC: 31.

Restriction: Military (+3).

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