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d20 Future Excerpt
By Christopher Perkins, Rodney Thompson, and JD Wiker

Always wanted to adventure among the stars? Then the d20 Future book is for you! Aliens, spaceships, unexplored planets, cybernetics, mutants laser weapons -- they're all here, just waiting for your intrepid heroes. You can even create heroes from alien species to add new dimensions to your spacefaring adventures.

The d20 Future book gives you everything you need to create and play d20 Modern games set in the near or far future. Our sneak peek offers just a sampling:

From Chapter Nine: Mecha

A mecha is like an automated suit of powered armor. Not only does it surround its driver or pilot with armor, but it can also be equipped with an impressive array of defenses and state-of-the-art weapons.

Sample Mecha

The following mecha represent relatively straightforward designs. Accordingly, they make good mecha for GM characters or starting points for heroes who want to customize an existing design.

Size: The mecha's body size (and its size penalty on attack rolls and to Defense, in parentheses).

Bonus Hit Points: The bonus hit points the mecha gives the operator. This value also represents the mecha's total hit points.

Superstructure: The chief material used in the construction of the mecha's superstructure.

Hardness: The hardness afforded by the mecha's superstructure. Hardness reduces the amount of damage the mecha takes from an attack.

Armor: The type of armor installed on the mecha. Some types of armor reduce a mecha's speed.

Bonus to Defense: The mecha's equipment bonus to Defense, as provided by its armor.

Armor Penalty: Apply this penalty to the operator's Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, and Tumble checks.

Reach: The mecha's reach.

Strength Bonus: The equipment bonus the mecha provides to its operator's Strength.

Dexterity Penalty: The penalty the mecha applies to its operator's Dexterity (if any).

Speed: The mecha's base land speed (and fly speed, if applicable).

Base Purchase DC: The mecha's base purchase DC does not include armor or equipment.

Standard Equipment Package: The standard equipment found on the baseline model.

Myrmidon (PL 6)

The Myrmidon primarily serves as a light infantry support mecha, replacing an armored vehicle on the battlefield. It has also proven effective in close-combat situations, particularly in urban arenas.

A Myrmidon installed with the standard equipment package (see below) has a purchase DC of 41.

Size: Large (-1 size) Bonus Hit Points: 100
Superstructure: Duralloy Hardness: 15
Armor: Duralloy Bonus to Defense: +8
Armor Penalty: -8 Reach: 10 ft.
Strength Bonus: +8 Dexterity Penalty: --
Speed: 20 ft., fly 90 ft. (clumsy) Base Purchase DC: 40

Standard Equipment Package: Pilot's cockpit (torso and back), Class II sensor system (helmet), M-9 Barrage chaingun (left arm), 6 50-round ammo belts for M-9 Barrage chaingun (shoulders), PS-15 Panther claws (right arm), jetpack (boots), comm system (no slots).

Tempest (PL 7)

The Tempest is a heavy support mecha, designed to work alongside tanks and other heavy armored vehicles, or as the centerpiece of smaller mecha platoons.

A Tempest installed with the standard equipment package (see below) has a purchase DC of 49.

Size: Gargantuan (-4 size) Bonus Hit Points: 450
Superstructure: Neovulcanium Hardness: 20
Armor: Crystal carbon Bonus to Defense: +10
Armor Penalty: -8 Reach: 15 ft.
Strength Bonus: +24 Dexterity Penalty: -2
Speed: 50 ft., fly 150 ft. (average) Base Purchase DC: 48

Standard Equipment Package: Pilot's cockpit (torso and belt), Mark III Oracle targeting system (visor), Class IV sensor system (cranium), jet-assist wings (back), Tsunami 480 plasma cannon (left hand, left shoulder, and helmet), Bulwark tactical shield (left arm), M-87 Talon missile launcher (right shoulder), 4-pack of M-87 Talon missiles (right arm), XJ-A Python electro-whip (right hand), HV-5 Haven escape pod (torso), life support system (left leg), thruster boots (boots), 50-hp structural enhancement (1 slot equivalent), comm system (no slots).

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